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Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering View Post
Why are you going after TR3ís Alpha/Beta version? Why are you yearning for a fully-made AoD? Because those intrigue you, right? You want to play those.

These people feel just the same for DLC8. Canít you understand their feelings? Are you made from a piece of rock that has no sentiments?

Nothingís also going to happen from your drama-creating-blabbering on these forums.

@MelikeLara: DLC8 doesnít need to die, it needs to return as a gift from Reboot Natla tbh.....
I guess you can say I'm a soap opera type of person. If that's what you're saying. Anyway, YES I do understand that all of you here feel so desperate to see what will might happen from here. But as I am saying from my own personal opinion, I really don't think anyone from Eidos Montreal will reflect a word from what you guys are expecting from this thread.
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