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Honestly people shouldn't look down on anyone. I know some people may feel like they are jesus or even better than him, but in reality we are all in the same boat, trying to navigate this thing called life the best way we can. People who take time to scoff at others because they aren't living their same life style, with a cushy job and lofty apartment are full of themselves and completely disconnected and detached from the human experience. I know my best friend was dealing with crap from her family who would tell her that her life is worthless and meaningless because she lacked direction. They would harp on her to work a job and that would guarantee happiness. But the truth is the fact that happiness is achieved through the means of whoever is pursuing it. There is no one street towards it and if your life lacks direction then perhaps your in a place where you don't necessarily need direction. For me I live day to day, yeah there are some things I dream about and would like to happen, but the only thing I can really do about it is live for today and hope for tomorrow. Sure we can try and plan our futures and try to follow this guideline that we set for ourselves, but life a lot of time does not go how we tell it to.

My own life lack direction and I'm not employeed right now. But that doesn't make me any less of a person than it makes anyone else. If I wanted to do something big and make a change I probably would have done it by now. But whether or not I make a change or live my life as it is, is my business and mine alone. Whether or not I breath and do things has no effect on other people and they shouldn't put their nose where it doesn't belong.

Especially when they try to pretend like they have all their **** sorted out. I will never forget a few weeks ago when my cousin go drunk and trying to rant about my weight and how I wasn't doing anything with my life. It was rich coming from him considering how he can't live without drinking and is one of the most miserable people on this planet. This despite the fact that he has a full time job, and has hooked up with people from time to time.

A job is not reflective of happiness and while it may or may not help you out of a financial bind, it will not garentee that happiness people claim. Lot's of people lie when they say they are happy and their life is better when working, lots of people put on masks and hide their true misery.

Right now I'm neither happy nor miserable, I'm in limbo right now, I would like to do a few things to maybe boost my mood every now and again, but as long as I'm not really feeling under the weather then just feeling fine is ok.
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