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The seemingly limitless stupidity of the human race is what annoys me, see below for examples.

A teenager being taken to court for slamming his bedroom door and causing criminal damage after his mother called the police, the criminal damage was nothing more than the doorknob falling off the door after he slammed the door a second time.

I read in yesterday's newspaper that a school in Kent England named as the Holy Trinity School has sparked anger after bringing in fines for parents if they are late in picking up their children, the school is going to fine the parents one pound for every five minutes per pupil if they're not there by 3:40.

The new rules also state staff will contact social services if a child isn't collected by 4pm, and if parents can't be contacted their children will be put into local authority care.

Earlier this week in Dublin a homeless person was severely injured when the tent he was sleeping in which was located next to a canal was picked up by a mechanical digger and was crushed by an industrial litter-clearing vehicle.

The man inside the tent underwent surgery and is currently in a coma and surgeons were unable to reattach his leg.

It was in today's newspaper that the people who removed the guys tent only did a verbal check to see if anyone was in the tent when they got no answer they removed the tent.

They apparently and obviously didn't bother to do a visual check which would have taken them an extra five seconds.

That school is going too far in calling social services if a child isn't collected by a certain time, the kids parent or parents could easily be stuck in traffic or could have been in an accident and taken to hospital, instead of rushing to call social services the school should call a relative of the children and see if they can collect them instead.
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