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Originally Posted by MissJodieG View Post
I somewhat disagree with that. If they wanted, they could create a character similar to Classic Lara. They could even come up with something completely new or just stick to what they built up since TR2013. Everything would be fine by me, I loved every era of the franchise so far and I‘m sure I will in the future.
Same as me. But they wouldn't do a whole reboot, with a origin trilogy, to just drop it. They've built it from the gound up, so it only makes sense that they will keep on expanding it. We might see a slighly older Lara, who's more spunky and less serious. But it will still be Survivor Lara. Now that he has dealt and accepted her past, I expect the story to shift focus into the adventure, instead of her personal journey. The possibilities are now endless to wherever they want to take her - the only thing I request is that they make it in a way that makes sense for her as a character - making a personality transplant isn't the way for me. Bringing up her side of the comics, and have a nice balance between serious and fun - which again, was already started with SOTTR. I don't want them to turn her into a montoone and character with no depth like classic Lara was in the games. Neither I want them to overdo her being sarcastic and so on. I simply want a nice balance and something that makes sense
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