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Fascinating, I never considered Doppie might hold a grudge about the lava incident against our girl

So with 3 original Crofts, bacon Lara, LAU bacon Lara and the Underworld leather hottie.. does that mean there are potentially 6 Laras?? Are the original flesh Laras dead or do they exist in this reality because they once were part of the canon? Would OG bacon Lara have become a leather babe as well so that makes another potential? Ooh, my aching brain..

Edit: PLOT TWIST! This Doppie is actually AoD Lara in disguise. Pale skin, red hair, black eyeliner, rotten attitude.. AoD is after Classic Lara because she's bitter she never found the fabled Dagger of Xian in the Aquatic Research Center. AoD Lara tried to break into TR3's manor but alas, is lacking the sprint + roll move in order to get into the treasure room

**This is an alternative alternative fic.. not trying to usurp yours because I'm sure whatever ideas you're cooking up are much better
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