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Originally Posted by HarleyCroft View Post
This may be unpopular, but my fav butler is LAU Winston. He’s the middle ground: not too fatherly like Reboot Winston and not too slavish like Classic Winston.
Originally Posted by ChocolateFan View Post
So, if I got it right, there are three doppelgangers, and one of them is the Queen? And she is the Queen because of her "symbolic" father? How is that? Interesting story, I would like to read more. *Von Croy voice* Or do you wish to stop for... tea?
Thank you! And... definitely not... ^.^
Originally Posted by Cat Woman View Post
HarleyCroft - Great analogy............. soooooo funny.
Isn’t it?

Chapter 5 ~ The Union {Continued}
“Welcome to my most modest dwelling!” Destined Lara inhaled and sighed simultaneously. Her voice was abnormally breathy and whiney. This angered the already-furious Classic Lara, “But you could keep your mouth shut!”
“Hello to you too,” Destined Lara got cocky. Butler Rourke was amazed and shocked at the same time. LAU Lara tried to calm Classic Lara down.

* * *

Butler Rourke left to steep some tea for the guests, and Destined Lara guided them through the manor.

— “Sorry about the state of this room. I haven’t renovated in 20 years.”
— “All of these sound so familiar,” said Classic Lara.
Then she remembered. These were all alterations of her famous lines - ‘Welcome back to my humble abode. Feel free to take a look around,’ and ‘Ah... The main hall. Sorry about the crates. I'm having some things put into storage, but the delivery-people haven't been yet.’ “Stop copying me!” Classic Lara literally bursted!

— “Better keep your distance then,” said Destined Lara audaciously.
— “We’ve come to warn you about something.” LAU Lara tried to change the subject.
— “What’s the matter?” asked Destined Lara.

* * *

— “So these doppelgangers returned to our lives to get their past due revenge, all because of LAU Lara?!” commented Destined Lara.
— “I can’t believe we’re in the same opinion!” smiled Classic Lara, only to frown again and turn her face away from Destined Lara like a sulky infant.
— “Why can’t any of you understand me? I’m tired of trying to explain myself. What have you done that benefited us? You {to Classic Lara} literally burned your doppelganger in lava just like me and you {to Destined Lara} got terrified of your doppelganger like a 3-year-old!” LAU Lara preached facts.

Just as they were going to get in a seriously big fight, the door knocked. “Must be my doppelganger! I’ll show her who’s smart,” declared Destined Lara. Classic Lara and LAU Lara hid in Richard’s study upstairs.
Destined Lara opened the door, revealing the Reboot Doppelganger. “Long time no see,” was Reboot Doppelganger’s first words. “W-h-a-t do you w-a-n-t-?” Destined Lara asked the obvious. The Reboot Doppelganger babbled and rambled on. She literally told the same stuff that the LAU Doppelganger explained to Classic Lara. “Uh-huh,” affirmed Destined Lara as if she was listening.
The Reboot Doppelganger finally finished her discourse and went off to impart the new, juicy gossip to the other doppelgangers.

— “Imbecile!” claimed Destined Lara, closing the door.
— “We’ve heard everything and we’re proud of you!” explained LAU Lara.
— “Me too, my Mistress!” Butler Rourke flattered his platonic love.
— “Not me,” said Classic Lara...
Must be a way to free another cart.

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