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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
Is there a point to doing the hard mode in this game?
Not really.

The AI Just gets pin-point accurate, they're still dumb as hell and just pop-up down from the exact same spot making shoot them in the face easy.

I did most of my playthrough on Hard on an attempt to not get bored to death, had to turn it down because the boss QTE's are incredibly difficult on Hard, so no, this isn't like a classic shooter/Ghost in the shell on the PS2 where enemies are changed around to make things harder, it's just a tweaking of some numbers that doesn't mean much.

So yeah the only challlenge is doing the QTE's once you shoot the bosses in the face because you pretty much have only a second to press the button on PC at least.

Outside of that, it was basically just Normal mode but you spend longer time behind cover.
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