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Originally Posted by tlr online View Post
Looking good Reggie.
Thanks big man!
Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
Looking forward to this

Originally Posted by dcw123 View Post
Looking great and faithful to the original colours etc
This method is what I use when remaking TGA sets.
I tend to use the 128x128 format of the originals, then work ontop of them so I know they are as close as they can be.

While most remastered TGA sets are lovely and very HD , sometimes they lose all colour and can look quite bland in comparison.
Yeah I think some remaster projects try to chase realism. IMO as long as we are working with blocky, low poly environments, it's better to focus on colours and overall shapes, shadows and highlights. A 1:1 approach means adding to those aspects and enhancing them so that features stand out more. This is probably a better example:

Once everything is traced and outlines smoothed out, restoration has to be done on colour and detail so you get that grain and depth which was probably present on the source material before compression.

It will take time to get every texture looking exactly right but I'm determined to stick closely to the source material which is why those black textures will probably be swapped to something more faithful, perhaps the mandala as well.

For example,

The original 'mandala' texture as on the left looks more like the design on this box than it does any existing mandala picture (the one on the right is what I currently use).

So that leads me to think the original texture wasn't actually a Buddhist symbol at all but some kind of more general design like this. Just with some added shadowing and the four corners brought in to form a square texture.

It's stuff like this which proves challenging at keeping it faithful. xD

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