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Originally Posted by Topixtor View Post
Could it be this track the creepy one with whispering? "Whisper" like sounds are played inside it:

Also, any chance you just started playing TR3 after TR2? Yeah, dogs and shotgun are different, but there is a lot more whispering and talking in that one TR3 is also, generally, the buggiest of the original trilogy.
Yeah, the whisperings starts at 00:20 on this video, I cant tell if it was that exact audio but I cant tell its not, could totally be. I dont remember any other sounds besides the voices, but my brother did close the game after hearing the voices so I haven't listened to the whole thing, only voices
Ok, Ive just talked to my brother, and he also remember the shotgun dog thing
After what you said I was really believing that the shotgun thing maybe have happened on tr3 (also in laras mansion), cuz in my memories I wasnt with my brother when Ive heard the shotgun followed by the dog dying, but he confirms hearing everything ive heard, including the exact spot where the voices started playing

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