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Probably the best hint we could give you it's to switch to Tomb Editor as fast as possible

There also isn't a general rule to achieve what you said, because Dxtre3d lighting is "relative" to the ambience value you chose rather than being a fixed value; so, since light bulbs don't affect nearby room, your best bet is to use the same or similar base value (like the 21 you said) in both rooms and then trying to make a transition by placing the same light bulb on both sides (rooms) of the portal while still aiming for the lighting you wanted in the first place... it's pretty hard to explain, it's the sort of things that you need to "get to" with trial and error and experimenting, really

But again, Tomb Editor is far better even regarding the lighting alone. The only reason I'm, still, not using it full time it's because I'm accustomed to dxtre3d and I have some projects to finish, since I can't really import them in TE (that's another reason to switch editors asap: to not waste time rebuilding stuff)
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