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Well of course it is his decision! In fact I pointed out just that, it would probably be better to "start" already with TE, but I still gave my advices on how to manage lighting in there.

About the psx thing: I know nothing about it, but I still know that it's even more limited and buggy EXPECIALLY with dxtre3d, wich has problems regarding the texture limits (textures are sometime doubled, I believe). But well I still support you trying to do something specifically for it (I mean, the levels will anyway work on pc if the psx project fails due to limitations, so no work should be lost in theory).

Anyway Dxtre3d is still the most "plug-and-play" editor out there. You can still create awesome projects with it, and there probably still are some niche tricks/features that aren't available at all in TE. Good luck with it!

(I guess I could send you the project files from my 2 relased levels? There are close to 0 light cracks in them, they could help you understand something more. But dextre3d alone doesn't let you inspect the details of each light bulb, don't remember if trview lets you do that, but at least you can see how I have placed them, I guess)
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