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Originally Posted by snipe View Post
My old post was taken down because the place I learned to mod for this game from had nude mods. Any way I have pretty much figured out how to mod this game, and here is some of my texmod work on the game:

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and for high and normal brown ultra.

part 1 Black, Blonde, Blueblack:
part 2 Ginger, Golden, LightBrown:
part 3 Grey, Scarlet, Strawberry Blonde:

The hair mod tpf files are big because each one replaces the hair color on settings normal through ultra, this means that you only need 1 tpf file for all those texture settings. This is just something I thought up, but it ultimately made each tpf file a little big, this does not effect your game-play though so don't worry. The eyes on the other hand each have a tpf file for the designated texture setting.

How do I get this .tpf to actually work in game? I am new to this modding system. Where do I place the file? Do I need Texmod?

... No help to get?

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