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Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post
I think it is an American accent thing, given American "a" sounds aren't the same as British As so they can't say certain words the way we do, without literally imitating a British accent doing it anyway.

I don't really care how Americans, real or fictional, say it and never have tbh. It's just their accent. It's a petty argument to me. I do find it interesting how they actually don't quite say "Laura" either when a woman truly is called Laura, it really does become more like "Lara" then weirdly.
Not entirely true, there's plenty of people in America who can say Lara correctly, I've even had it come up in conversation not relating to TR at all, I was kind of shocked. A couple of my co-workers were having a conversation about something next to me and one of them brought up 'Lara' and 'Laura' they were both talking about the difference between them. I even chimed in to test them by saying "they're both the same!" and they both argued back that they were different.

Americans aren't incapable of saying it right, it's just laziness.
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