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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
People certainly keep paying for it so people seem quite fine with it actually.

Me delusional? Gurl don't you start with me.

Me asking for free content? No, you can fly away now before I really let out the good word. I already paid way more then any other game. There is a difference between paying the bills and being greedy as **** because the gaming industry has gone on for far too long being that way. $100 is way too much to spend on a single game and to ask for people to pay more is beyond riddiculess, understand it.

Your example was not equivalent to the situation at all.
And you received the content you paid for.
What you paid for has been given to you.

It’s not that hard to understand.

You keep acting as if these are things you’re being forced to buy and they aren’t. Games aren’t food and water. You don’t have to buy anything to do with them if you don’t want to. If it turns out the 8th tomb isn’t free and that you personally have a problem with that, then don’t buy it. There’s nothing to get angry about. You think you’ve spent enough money on the game, then don’t spend anymore money on it.

Its really that simple. So you’ve made your point. If it’s not free, you won’t get it. Thanks for sharing.

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