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Originally Posted by Robwood View Post
I did with the next sentence.
All you're saying is that if anything is planned in advance of making the game then it must be put in the main game. Period. Even if the thing planned is additional content that by design is supposed to be additional content, not main content. DLC either must not exist or it must only be designed and created after the main game is complete and released. Doing it any other way is bad business and is screwing the customer. That's your view on all DLC according to your plate theory.

That is an opinion to have, but its one based on the conspiracy that all gaming companies are out to screw the customer, not on smart business practices.

Part of the idea behind dlcs is to get people to keep playing a game long after initial release despite there being are a lot of games out there vying for attention. There's a window for keeping people's attention. Wait too long and that window closes. Because of that window, dlc need to be released in a timely manner. With games like Shadow, good quality additional content cannot no be produced from the ground up in the timeframe of that window. It needs to be planned in advance and worked on in advance so that it can be released in that window. Planning and working on content before the main game is released does not mean that it must be part of the main game. It simply means that, just like the main game, it was planned and worked on long before its release in order to make a good product. The difference between the main game and dlc being their release dates.

Now, I'm perfectly fine with discussing how big that window is. Is it a month? Two? Six? A year? I think it all depends on the content and the game. Shadow probably did not need to have dlc come out only a month after release, but as they were planning on releasing something for seven months straight it made sense to attempt a one-month release. Btw, in order to release those in that timeframe they each needed to be varying degrees of finished before the main game went gold.

There are only two solutions to your plate theory concerning dlc. 1) No dlc. Ever. (Which, btw, did you buy Shadow's dlc? Seems like if you did you'd be supporting their nefarious practices). Or 2) DLC must only come into concept and creation after the main game is released, meaning, for a game like Shadow, the dlc will either be small or it will come a year+ after the initial release of the main game at which point the game's window may have already closed.

Your plate theory only holds up for games where it has been proven that content has been cut from the game (which is different than planning in advance) and then sold as dlc. It's mere conspiracy to think that what all dlc is.
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