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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
It does! Thank you very much. I don't mind having lower-res textures so I would only want OldGen+, which is an enhanced version of Legend Fixes by ATRF. Thank you so much!

So if I've understood all that, basically...

- OldGen+: Forked from ATombRaiderFan's Legend Fixes, which was forked from MachoBroccoli's Attempting to Fix Textures. Corrects texture many, many texture errors in TR:L.
- Legend Upgraded: Several projects. Legend Upgraded itself, higher-res environment textures. Skyboxes, which has higher-res skyboxes (Two versions: One that does and one that does not alter the sky in Bolivia). Loading Screens Upgraded, which has higher-res load screens.
- Additional Outfits: Ports over extra outfits from the PSP version.
Yep that’s exactly right. Legend Fixes is what ATRF has renamed the archived versions of their mods that they started, including OldGen+. I picked up the OldGen+ mod where ATRF left it and it gets it’s new updates in this thread

Originally Posted by Deathly Karma View Post
Just a mere suggestion and not a demand but is it possible to have Next-Gen styled Load Screens like on 360 and PS3? It's always bothered me that the PC Load Screens are always the same, no matter if it's in Next-Gen mode or not.
Hey there, thanks for the suggestion. This is something I looked into at the very beginning but unfortunately all loading screens in the game share the same texture files for both Old Gen and Next Gen. It would be nice to have unique load screens for Next Gen but we don’t have the tools to edit that much of the game
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