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Originally Posted by Tesla View Post
I've been interested in replaying the game lately, but the story is just so bad. lol The gameplay is still good, even if it's a bit lacking in overall content, so I know I'd enjoy playing it again. Just not experiencing it.
I replayed it a few weeks ago, then replayed Rise last week and I'm now playing Shadow and I really appreciate how TR2013 is "lacking in content" in comparison to the other two games. Rise has far too many documents (sometimes there's a new document every 2 metres) and the need of gathering different crafting materials can be pretty annoying as it means travelling back and forth between hubs to make animals respawn. The only improvements that I want in TR2013 are the ability to sprint (in multiplayer you can sprint, but not in the campaign!?) and better enemy AI so that once an enemy spots you, he doesn't alert any idly enemy in the area.
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