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Exclamation Tomb Raider 3 Gold crash at main menu

Hello everyone, I'm looking for some troubleshooting advice for TRLA.

I recently got a new computer that runs Windows 10, so I had to re-download some of my tomb raider games. I just got done playing TR3 which downloaded correctly without any problems and ran smoothly. I'm trying to download TRLA. The download process runs smoothly it seems. However, when I get to the main menu, just before the rotating carousel of options appears, the game crashes without any error messages.

I tried various troubleshooting methods including running the program as an admin, changing the compatibility to 95 and 98/ME, tinkering with some of the graphical options from setup, and applying multipatcher to the TR3LA.exe folder.

I vaguely remember having this issue before. I also looked for people having the same problem, but I don't think the issue was ever solved. I would greatly appreciate the help!
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