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2nd season - 42nd episode (Deal)

"It's been another 2 weeks for Lara Croft in prison ship. This time the fight club event started in prison. This fight club was a tradition in this prison. Every year this fight club is choosing worthy prisoners to fight to gain a free jail card out of here. Lara was interested in this event. She decided to talk with Chase about this event. Lara wanted to get out of this prison and she asked Chase a favor. Chase told Lara that if it's better for her to get out then she should join the fight club. Meantime Lara de Mornay was getting used to be a leader of her own battleship and using her crew on its best. She was taking the control of the battleship and moving between the mountains in Alaska. There was a guy who was second in command after Lara who was asking her about her plans. He didn't want to go blind and asked Lara to share her plans with him. Like now Lara is trying to move over the big mountain which seems to be suicidal for them all. But Lara insisted that she's aware of her decisions because she made them. He was just afraid that she will gonna sink them along with the ship. But in the end Lara got the battleship out from these mountains. Lara then told her crew to set a course to the Pacific ocean. In the evening in prison ship Lara Croft had a fight with some prisoner so the people who runs the fight club in this prison would notice her in action. Then the warden ordered her guards to take Lara to her quaters. Later Lara was talking with the warden about joining the fight club. The warden didn't ask Lara to join this event. But Lara insisted that she needs it. Lara also added that she wants to go free but the warden said that this is not happening. She added that Natla payed a good price for her and Chase to keep them here. Lara told her that she only needs to keep one of them in here. So Lara made a deal with the warden. If she wins all the fights with all chosen prisoners - Lara will go free. In the end the warden agreeded with this deal. But if Lara will try anything stupid then the deal will be off between them. And next night the fight club event started. Chase was like a coach to Lara while she had her fights with all kinds of prisoners. After all the fights Chase congratulated Lara with her freedom. Every prisoners who watched her fights are now screaming her last name - Croft. The warden kept her word and concluded the deal with Lara's freedom..."
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