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2nd season - 43rd episode (Face to Face)

"A few days later Lara Croft was in London. She spent these last days by watching after Natla. Lara wanted to know more about her. She was following Natla around and making up to her schedule. One day Lara decided to act and faced Natla in one cafe that Natla liked to visit a few times a week. Lara wanted to talk with Natla face to face. Natla was expecting Lara to show up. Lara asked her about the rest of asgardians. Natla answered that she destroyed Thor's hammer - Mjolnir. Then killed all asgardians in the area. Lara then told Natla that here she is and now the war hasn't ended. Lara added that the she lost a battle but not the war. So soon goes another battle and Lara advised Natla to get comfy because this is gonna be one hell of a party. While Natla was talking with Lara - she sent a signal to the nearest police station so the cops will come and arrest Lara. Natla then started talking about this bloody 21st century. She was talking about all the fun Lara missed like the middle ages, the tartars, the inquisitions, the floods, the plagues, etc. The list Natla could keep on while Lara was listening to her with a faked smile. Then Lara heard the sirens and quickly ran away from Natla. The London's police were coming after Lara. On the way she was changing her clothes and kept running away from the cops. Lara was running until she reached railway depot. When the cops came to the place they split up. Lara hid behind one train to try catch a break. Then she continued her run to escape the cops. Later that day in Sweden, Zip was watching the news about Lara's presence in London. At the same time Alister was watching the news about her when he heard knocks on the door. When Alister opened the door he saw Lara who was breathing heavily. Lara started yelling to Alister that imagine your life is a one thing, one version of the events when actually it all seemed to be so many lies and here Alister interrupted her because he didn't know about what is she talking about. Lara then told Alister that she doesn't have much time to explain but she failed back in Norway 6 months ago. Alister told Lara that he thought that she was dead all this time. Lara asked Alister to spend a night in his house until the heat will go down in London. Meantime in battleship Atlas was teaching Lara de Mornay on how to behaive herself. Suddenly he started to suspect that not only Lara's behavior is changing but also all the crew started to acting weird sometimes..."
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