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2nd season - 44th episode (Gathering Forces)

"Next morning Alister asked Lara about what was she thinking. Lara answered that she was thinking about her parents who she misses the most right now. Alister then said that to have memories of those you have loved and lost is perhaps harder than to have no memories at all. Lara agreeded with Alister. Then she said the needs to leave him now. Later that day Lara came back to prison ship where she proposed a new deal to the warden. Lara payed to her up front half of the money to buy her trust. The warden had no choice but to agree and then asked about her role now. Chase then said that they want to train prisoners to use them in the next battle with Jacqueline Natla. The warden said that these prisoners can shoot and blow the things up but working together as a team would be problematic. Chase said that this is the only option. Chase and Lara can't bring down Natla's forces alone. After that Lara wanted to talk with Chase alone. Lara told him that 6 months ago she found a next generation battleship that Natla's people were building it. And this morning Lara checked those docks in London and didn't find that battleship. Chase told Lara that he will use his old connections to track this ship down and investigate it. Then Chase used a chopper to leave the prison ship and Lara stayed. It took a day for Chase to track down Natla's battleship. When he infiltrated the ship Chase didn't expect the size of that ship. It was huge and enormous. Chase couldn't find Natla herself but he did find Lara's uncle. Atlas was with the guards and asked Chase about what is he doing here. Chase wanted to talk with Atlas alone. Atlas told the guard to stay away from them. Then Chase whispered to Atlas that his niece is alive and she's getting ready to attack this ship. Atlas told Chase that his niece was alive before and asking Chase about what in god's name is he talking about. Chase then tried to jog Atlas's memory about who he is and the fact that they both had a fight in Tokyo 6 months ago. But Atlas was still acting like he didn't understand about what Chase was talking. Atlas also added that Chase should leave this ship now. Then Lara de Mornay showed up. This is where Chase got confused. Then Atlas told him that his niece Lara was with him all this time on this battleship. Lara came close to Chase and asked about who is he. Chase then said that she's the same. She's exactly the same as Lara Croft. Lara then told Chase to tell her that they will meet soon. After that Lara lifted Chase and throwed him to the exit. At night Chase came back to prison ship to talk with Lara. Chase told her that he was on Natla's ship and it's like a big city. He was sure that those prisoners they have isn't enough for that. They are gonna need a serious backup here. Lara asked Chase about involving the goverment here to ask for backup. Chase answered that this is worth to try. But he also added that he saw her. Lara didn't understand that. Chase told her that he saw her twin along with her uncle Atlas. Lara asked him about what is she like and Chase answered that her twin is powerful. She easily lifted him and throwed him at distance. Lara told Chase that they should move to the United States if they want goverment's attention on this war. Next day Chase told Lara that he will bring them the military outfits before they are gonna do their next move. Later Chase was heading to Sweden. There he visited Zip. It appeares Chase and Zip are know each other. Zip didn't expect Chase to visit him. He also added if Chase is have something to say to him. Chase then told Zip that could he really say something right after 8 years. He just wanted Zip to help him if he won't help Lara. Zip asked Chase about what is hapenning. Chase answered that all he wants is help. Chase knew that Zip will be released from prison next day and that's why he came today to persuade Zip to help him. Zip told Chase that he will think about it..."

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