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2nd season - 45th episode (Battle in Pacific Ocean)

"Next day Zip was released from prison and he took the keys from the apartment in Paris, France that Chase gave him last day. In the evening Zip came to the apartment. He was looking around the rooms in its apartment. Then he used a teapot to make some tea. Zip was walking around the room and wondering about what Lara said 6 months ago and what Chase told him yesterday. He was trying to forgive Lara for what she did to him. Next morning Lara and Chase were dressed up as part of military to infilitrate the military base in the United States. Chase told Lara that the best way to get the goverment attention is just to surrender the military. Lara was looking around until she noticed some soldiers behind her and Chase faced another soldiers in front. One of them told them to get on their knees. Their cover didn't last long. Meantime Lara de Mornay on her battleship reached the Pacific ocean and there she saw the USA battleships that were having a training in the field. Lara told her uncle if this would be a great test in the field for her battleship against American ones. Atlas kept silence while Lara was preparing to attack those ships. Meanwhile in the military base the guards came in to the interrogation room where Lara and Chase were tied up. The lieutenant started asking questions about who they are. Lara kept silence while Chase was talking that they were just an officers from downstairs. The lieutenant then said that the officers without no ID who have no idea how and when to salute. Lara then decided to talk. She told him that their base has sent their battleships in the field to the Pacific ocean. She continued that those ships are in danger. There is a next generation battleship out there which might strike anytime soon. Lara de Mornay started attacking the American ships which caused a lot of attention. Soon in Washington the president was alerted about this ship which the military thought that this was some kind test field on them but now it's destroying their ships. The president asked if this could be an act of war. Then he ordered to move to Pentagon to know more about these events in the Pacific ocean. Meantime the base was on the alert and the guards left Lara and Chase alone. While they were tied up, Chase wanted to talk with Lara alone while they still can. Chase asked Lara when this war is over, does she want him to stay. Lara asked Chase if he really wants to stay with her but then one guard came in to the room and freed them and told them to get out of here. Lara de Mornay kept destroying the American ships while Atlas was watching it. Lara then said to Atlas that fireworks are a nice way to kick things off. This war is now became a well known thing since Lara made a pretty big fireworks. Meantime in the military base Lara and Chase were getting out. When they reached the field they noticed a chopper in the sky. There was a voice coming from the chopper who asked a permission to land. Chase asked Lara about who would have that be and Lara screamed that she didn't care about who that is and yelled that a permission is granted. When the chopper landed Lara and Chase got inside and flew away. When Lara saw that it was Zip she was surprised that he helped her. Lara told him that she's glad that he's here. Zip told Lara that she should thank Chase for that. Lara looked at Chase and he told Zip to fly to the Pacific ocean..."
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