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2nd season - 46th episode (Destroying Natla's Influence)

"Close to the night Lara, Chase and Zip reached one American battleship. When they landed on the ship by chopper the soldiers were about to find out who came. Chase started talking that they came here to help them. They knew about this next generation battleship that attacked other ships here. Soldiers were keeping silence and Chase asked if they have a radio to contact with the Pentagon. Meanwhile the president of the United States was in the Pentagon along with the generals. He wanted to know the status of the ships that went in the test field. One of the generals told the president that only one ship left against this battleship that started an attack today. Then they received a message from one last standing ship. It was Chase Carver. He introduced himself to the Pentagon and asked for an assitance in this fight. While Chase was talking Lara decided to ask Zip and fly to Natla's battleship. Later when Lara and Zip reached this ship Lara asked for a permission to land and to talk to her twin. Lara de Mornay agreeded to invite Lara Croft into her ship. Lara then told Zip to stay in the chopper while she will go talk with her twin. Zip asked Lara since when she has a twin and Lara answered that this is a long story. Lara Croft came in to the long coridor and sat on one end. From another end Lara de Mornay was approaching. Lara de Mornay told Lara Croft that she knows all about her. Lara asked another Lara if she's her clone or what. Lara de Mornay answered that she's definetly not a clone. More like a twin sister because she's the one who took Lara's control for these last 5 years. Lara Croft realised that she was talking with her second personality here who is now in her own body. Lara de Mornay asked her sister about what is she trying to acomplish here. Lara Croft answered that she's looking for Jacqueline Natla. Lara de Mornay advised her twin to get back to her own ship because soon it will be destroyed as well along with her sister. Meanwhile Chase suggested the Pentagon that they need all the help against this battleship. But the generals didn't trust him and asked about what if he's a spy that was sent to this ship. They have been arguing for a moment. In the end Chase yelled that they need everyone here if they want to win this fight. If the people in the Pentagon will turn on each other than they have nothing. Chase was delivering a heated speech to persuade the president that they will need an air backup here. For now they will fight back against the enemy ship. When Lara came back Chase was worried about her leaving without telling him. He also added that she can't act like a lone wolf here. They need a leader but Lara refused to be a leader here and suggested Chase to take a lead while she will deal with her sister. In a couple hours Lara was preparing to infiltrate Natla's ship while Chase and the remained soldiers were preparing a ship to activate weapons. When the fight started, Lara along with Zip flew away. While Chase was distracting Lara's twin, Lara herself and Zip were approaching Natla's battleship. But their infiltration was ruined due to their chopper got hit. Lara and Zip crashed on Natla's battleship. Later that night Lara Croft woke up the quaters and she saw Lara de Mornay in front of her. The fight had stopped between ships. Lara de Mornay was talking with Lara Croft about how is she gonna destroy her twin. Lara Croft then told her that she wants to stop Natla and not her. Lara de Mornay told her sister that her uncle wants to talk to her. When Atlas came in he started fighting with his niece. Lara de Mornay was watching from the distance. While Lara Croft and Atlas were fighting he wanted to tell something to his niece. He mentioned some Natla's influence that is controlling this ship. People here are acting weird and obey Lara's twin orders. After Atlas took Lara down he whispered her that even Lara de Mornay had been manipulated and so was he. Lara then continued the fight with her uncle and screamed to her twin that she thinks that she's doing it all on her own. It's Natla's ship. Her influence is making people here to obey her. Later Lara de Mornay started feeling doubts about everything that she's been doing. And in that moment she heard Natla's voice in her head who was giving her orders. Lara de Mornay was trying to resist her voice and was going out of her quaters. Lara de Mornay was fighting through her guards who were obeying Natla's influence. Lara wanted to find the core of that voice. When Lara stabbed her uncle he fell down and then Natla's ghost appeared. She wanted to say to Lara that she shouldn't fight her all along. Natla suggested Lara just to give in and obey. Lara told Natla that she's gonna bloody end her. Meantime Lara de Mornay found the core of Natla's voice and destroyed it. In the end Natla's ghost was gone and all people in her battleship got rid of her influence..."

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