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2nd season - 47th episode (Putting It All To Rest)

"Close to the morning Lara de Mornay kept killing her crew staff one by one when she was trying to find Natla. After getting rid of her influence Lara wanted to take her down. Lara Croft contacted Zip and told him to get another chopper. Natla's battleship has a big cargo hold with lots of helicopters. Zip picked one and was waiting for Lara. Atlas told his niece to wait for him in a helicopter. After Lara killed all her crew staff she was sitting between the dead bodies. She felt desperate because of been manipulated by Natla. When Atlas found Lara de Mornay he told her to leave this ship immediately. Atlas helped her to escape then returned to Lara Croft who was waiting for him in the helicopter along with Zip. Later on sunrise Lara, Atlas and Zip came back to the American ship and Lara told Chase to prepare a final shot to Natla's battleship. Lara in her mind said a goodbye to her twin and ordered Chase to take a shot. When Natla's battleship was destroyed Chase reported to the Pentagon that the enemy ship was destroyed. The president of the United States thanked everyone for what they had been through. After that Lara asked her uncle to take a walk on the beach which was nearby. They were on the beach of Mexico. Lara told Atlas to talk. Atlas started talking about Natla's plan. He was telling about her battleship which she was building for 5 years and her army that was obeyed her via her influence. Lara asked about Natla's influence. Atlas answered that Natla used her magic to create her presence in her voice. Lara asked like an AI and Atlas answered that it was more sentient magic she used. With her influence Natla lead her battleship with Lara's twin help. Lara told him that since her twin is dead along with her ship then Natla got no more options now. Atlas told Lara that her ship and using Lara's twin as a puppet was a great distraction from her real plan. Lara asked Atlas about why did he didn't kill her twin. Atlas answered that he helped Natla to create her. Lara asked why and Atlas answered that before Lara regained her control back in Brazil her second personality asked him a promise that he will find a way to free her from Lara's body. Lara asked him about what is she. Atlas answered that she's part of her. More like her opposite side of Lara herself. Lara then started walking with Atlas and he asked her about her next plan. Lara answered that she will get ready for her next battle with Natla. Atlas told her that Natla will come, will outnumber them and outweapon them. Lara also added that she will outbitch them. Atlas stopped Lara and asked her about is she planning to survive. Lara paused for a moment and then answered that she doesn't planning to survive. Meantime Natla felt that she lost her influence and lost her battleship. The distraction plan was successful and then she started remembering her times when she was talking with Atlas when Richard and Amelia Croft were alive. Back then Natla knew that Atlas was an asgardian. He lives already for 3000 years. And their lifetime is close to 5000 years. A few days later Lara came to London. She wanted to check Croft Manor. There was no Natla's guards now. Lara was running to the garden where Richard's grave was. There close to the trees she found some casket which was burried not deep underground. Inside that casket Lara found a ring which belonged to her mother - Amelia. Back in 1972 Richard asked Amelia to marry him..."
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