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2nd season - 48th episode (The Egyptian God)

"It's been a couple days since Lara destroyed Natla's battleship. Lara along with Chase, Zip, Alister and Atlas were in Alister's lab in London. Atlas was telling a story to all of them about how did he obtain the Tree of Life in the first place. It happened in 1995 where Lara was in her 20s. Atlas found some seeds which were dead but he could revive one seed which gave birth to the Tree of Life. But Lara was curious about that small tree which gave the forbidden fruit. Lara accidently tasted a fruit herself and it gave her a voice which was in Lara's head since then. Atlas came close to Lara and told that this is how Lara got sick with her second personality which was extracted and placed to her twin with Alister's help. Lara then turned to Alister and asked him if he was involved in that plan with Atlas too before they met. Alister didn't want to lie to Lara so he answered her that Atlas contacted him before they met in London. Atlas told his niece that all he wanted is to set free her twin. Lara told Atlas that since her twin is dead all that's left is Natla. But where she might be. Atlas suggested Lara to go to Paris. There should be hiding Joseph Evert. He's the father of Amanda Evert whose daughter was killed by Lara Croft. Atlas told Lara that Joseph should know Natla's hideout. Lara asked her uncle about why didn't he know her hideout as well. Atlas answered that Natla didn't trust him enough for that matter. After some research with the Queen Elixir and it's tree Alister suggested to Lara and Atlas to stick with the new plan. This elixir will prevent people from aging and dying. Lara told Alister to do whatever he sees right but she must go to Paris. Lara decided to take Zip with her. Next morning Lara was in Paris. Thanks to Atlas's intel Lara found Joseph. He was armed with a pistol and waiting for Lara to show. She didn't have time so she started asking questions about Natla's whereabouts. Joseph told her that he can't say anything about it. Lara was impatient and she shot Joseph. Then Lara was asking about what Natla is waiting for and what's her game. Before Joseph died he told her to look for her answers in the Louvre museum. In the evening Lara infiltrated the Louvre and Zip was looking at the museum from his apartment that was a gift from Chase. Lara was looking at the old pictures and later she found a mummy with the towel on its face. Lara wondered to look and took off the towel from mummy's face. She used a flashlight to shine its face and the happened a bright light and something happened. Lara felt different after that. She then turned around and noticed egyptian burqa and wondered to dress it on. A moment later Lara was dressed up in its burqa. She started messing up in the museum. Later Zip heard the sirens. The police was approaching to the Louvre. Zip wanted to use a binocular to watch on what happened. Lara was acting weird and she was trying to find something from the artifacts that she was throwing by her mind. The cops decided to catch this thief in burqa. After Lara got into the trap the cops catched her and they knocked her out. Next morning Atlas came to Brazil to his hideout. There was his another niece Lara de Mornay along with her daughter Elena. Lara's twin was alive thanks to Atlas's help. Meantime in Paris, Lara was interrogated by local police but she was keeping silence. Later Natla came in and sat in front of Lara. Natla didn't say a word and so as Lara. They were looking at each other. Natla noticed something wrong with Lara. She was like possessed by something or someone. Then Lara was moved to her cell. There one cop pointed a gun at her. He told her that he has a daughter of her age and if she would have done the same what Lara did in the Louvre he would have kill her. Lara then looked at his eyes and told him to shoot her but he became afraid of her and she took him out and then got out of her cell..."

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