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2nd season - 49th episode (Two Sides Of The Same Coin)

"A week later Lara received a message from her twin to meet her in Taj Mahal that is located in India. Lara thought that she dealt with her twin. Next day Lara came to Taj Mahal and met her twin. Lara de Mornay said hello and this triggered Lara Croft to attack her but her sister did use her mind to throw her to the wall. Lara de Mornay told her that she missed her. Lara Croft asked her about why did she bring her here. Lara de Mornay answered that she wanted to be alone with her sister. Lara Croft then asked her about why did she kill Alvis. Lara de Mornay asked who and her sister clalified that her monk friend who she killed right here in Taj Mahal more than 5 years ago. Lara de Mornay told her that she shouldn't count her dead friends just yet. Then Lara Croft asked about her father and Lara de Mornay answered that her father has a proud daughter. Lara Croft then told her that her father is her father as well since they are twins. Lara de Mornay then yelled and attacked her sister. Like from one of Atlas's story about two wolves which was matching perfect in the fight between Laras. They were two sides of the same coin. During the fight Lara de Mornay grabbed Lara Croft's neck and said that she remembers Alvis and also addded that he's dead. While they were fighting between each other they also shared their memories. Lara Croft then put a hand on her twin and something happened. Lara de Mornay then noticed Alvis Akari who was standing in the distance. Lara couldn't believe for a moment that he was alive. Somehow Lara could bring Alvis back from the dead. Alvis asked about the reckoning night. Lara Croft then told Lara de Mornay to make a deal. They both will stop trying to kill each other long enough to kill Natla. Lara de Mornay then asked her sister about how did she make Alvis back. Lara Croft answered her that since her visit in Paris she feels different now. In the evening Lara was in her own ship along with Chase and Alister. She told them that her twin is alive and they made a piece to fight against Natla. Chase asked if Lara knows how to stop Natla and Lara answered that she doesn't know yet but she will. But they have to hurry up because time is running out. Lara told them that Natla destroyed her own world Asgard and she's planning to destroy this world as well. Alister reminded Lara that they still have time. Chase told Lara that they will fight. Lara then said if they with her. At night in Paris, Natla was meeting with her elite force to prepare for Ragnarok event. She told them that the time has come. She will summon Nergal to cause the Ragnarok here on Earth..."

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