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2nd season - 50th episode (The Enemy Of My Enemy)

"Next morning Lara was seeing Alvis. She was glad that he's back from the dead. She told him that there are things she wanted to talk about but right now she needed a favor. Alvis said that she can ask everything. Lara told him that she probably awakened some ghost back in Paris. She also added that she found some egyptian tomb and its mummy. Alvis said that he will find out about it. Later Lara asked Chase to go to their prison ship and motivate their prisoners to pick a fight. Prison ship was parked near the Paris docks. Lara was delivering her powerful speech to the prisoners. After that Lara told Chase to arm them all because they needed to go. Later that morning Lara along with Chase and armed prisoners were going to Natla's lair. Lara's plan was to plant explosives and destroy the lair. When they were done Atlas was trying to disarm those explosives then Lara showed up and asked him about what is he doing. Atlas turned around and told his niece that she's making a mistake and they can't win this war. Lara then said that he's wrong. Atlas then came close to Lara and told her that she can't fight for something unless she knows what she is willing to lose. Then Chase interrupted them and Lara knocked Atlas out. Chase grabbed Atlas and with Lara they got away. Their army returned to the prison ship. Later that day Atlas woke up in prison cell and Lara came in. Atlas then told his niece that she had no idea of what has done today. Atlas was talking about the end that Natla will bring to this world. Lara asked him about the Ragnarok. Atlas answered that it will happen tonight. Lara then left Atlas's cell. After that Alvis informed Lara about the meeting in one restaurant of Paris. In the evening Lara came to that restaurant and she thought that she was waiting for Alvis but he didn't show up. Instead some stranger sat in front Lara. He told her that he was watching her all this time since her war with Jacqueline Natla. Lara asked about who is he. He answered that she can call him Michael. He also added that he has a faith in Lara that she will stop the Ragnarok which will be happen tonight. Lara asked Michael about what he knows about Natla. He answered that she's using a name Jacqueline Natla now in 21st century. Meantime Natla was coming back to her lair along with her elite force. But the lair just exploded before her eyes. Natla became desperate and she was sure it was Lara's doing. Michael was explaining that Natla's real name is Eve. She's the fallen angel that served heaven before. Lara asked if she served a God but Michael insisted on Lara to prepare of what's coming then he disappeared. Natla flew to Alister's lab. There she found Alister and took him hostage. Then she sent a message to Chase to help him. Later when Chase came there he got caught too. Then Natla sent a message to Lara from Chase to help him. And later that night Lara came to Alister's lab and got into the trap same as Chase did. Natla then started talking that ever since she saw Lara the last time she got sure that she was possessed by someone. Lara didn't pretend like she didn't know. Natla then continued that Lara awakened the egyptian god of chaos called Seth. Lara then told her that she knows her real name. Lara called her Eve and now Natla didn't want to wait any longer. She started reading some spell while Lara, Chase and Alister were watching. Lara was trying to scream to stop Natla from doing it. Natla then told her that she's not worthy to be possessed by Seth and then she exhaled that deep that Lara began to choke in her next breaths. Then Seth left Lara's body and flew away. Natla was reading another spell until Nergal arrived to this world. While it was happening Lara told Chase that Nergal is the key to stopping her. Chase told Lara that she doesn't know that but Lara insisted that she does know. While they were arguing Nergal came in to this world and screamed his name. Everyone were frozen from his look. Zip was flying by chopper in Paris. He was witnessing some fight between Natla's elite force and someone else's army. It was slaughtering. Natla told Nergal that the time for another Ragnarok has come. But Nergal decided to betray Natla and kill her. He sent a massive fire to burn her wings to make her human before he could actually kill her. Natla didn't expect that and was forced to the pool. Then Nergal turned around to the captured people Lara, Chase and Alister. But something happened next. Natla was still alive and she was reading spell backwards to send Nergal back to the world he came from. But Nergal didn't want to return alone and he used his power. The glass got broke and Lara couldn't do anything but fly paralyzed toward Nergal. Alister and Chase couldn't do anything but watching Nergal's taking Lara back to his realm. The time has stopped and Lara was levitating to Nergal to see another world he came from..."
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