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Plugin descriptions

Cleaner Robot is a very simple enemy. (See TR3 Thames Wharf.) It doesn't require any special OCB or customize command.
You put it in some side of your level, trigger it and it will start to move.
This robot moves always following a straight line. When it finds an obstacle it will try to turn by 90 degres. If all (forward, right and left) directions are stopped it will explode and this is only way to "kill" it.
It will hurt and kill lara when touch her from its forward side, while it is not dangerous for Lara touching its back or lateral sides.
The robot will kill also other enemies, killable creatures upto skeltron, i.e. creature killable whereby explosive ammos. While, if it meets semigod or pushable objects or rollingball, it will consider them like obstacles to avoid.

An interesting skill of SW Robot (R2D2) is that it can work as a guard that checks any side of a room and he will give the alarm when detects Lara.
SW Robot is able to move up its head and turn it, to look over obstacles.
All settings for SW Robot have to be typed using a "Customize=CUST_STAR_WARS_ROBOT,..." script command.
Here you see the description of this command, present also in mnemonic constants of Reference Panel of NG_Center, of course.

To do work the cranes (falling traps like in TR5 or a real crane tool for Lara), you have to type in [Level] section where you mean using them the AssignSlot= script command to inform where the cranes are.
In the case of automatic crane, it will be enough only one AssignSlot= command, like this:
Note: In above command we suppose that the crane object was in ANIMATING2 slot.

While, for drivable crane, you should type two AssignSlot= commands: one for the Crane and other for Crane Panel, the item used as a switch when lara is in front of it and she hit ACTION command.
For instance:
Note: in above commands, we suppose that the crane object was in ANIMATING2 slot, while the Control Panel of the crane, was in ANIMATING3 slot.

It should be useful also that you set a different camera mode, enabling some kind of fixed camera, when the drivable crane is going to be engaged, to have a better view of the moving crane.
You should use two new global triggers to discover when the crane has been engagend and when the driving quits:

With this global trigger you can detect when the driving crane begun in game.
You need to type in Parameter fied the index of the Swinging Crane item whose you want detect the driving mode.
Note: the global trigger it will be engaged when the first animation of lara over the Crane Control Panel it has been just completed.

When lara quits the driving of the crane it will be engaged this global trigger.
Remember to type in Parameter field the index of the crane whose you wish detect the end of driving.

Looks for OCB you have to set in Crane or Control Panel of the Crane, in Reference panel of NG_Center, in MNEMONIC CONSTANTS section.

MechWarrior is a vehicle where lara can get in to drive it.
This is an object created by Psiko and Paolone've only tried to "animate" it adding the code to manage its many animations.
Unfortunately, the possible improvements were so many that I was not able to complete really this job. Therefore the MechWarrior, currently, has only basic skills.
Lara can getting in, drive it, pass over two click obstacles (like scales) and then getting off.
Theoratically it could be used to pass over kill sectors but there are no shooting skills yet, in spite the gun-machines on his arms should support them.

- This plugin will enable rollingballs with the behaviour from the first 3 games in the NEW_SLOT5/CLASSIC_ROLLINGBALL slot.
- The rollingball is able to roll on flat surfaces and will be stopped by raised floors and walls.
- It can only roll in straight lines, don't place it diagonally!
- It starts out facing west to east in the editor when first placed
- You can change the falling speed with the new CUST_CLASSIC_ROLLINGBALL_FALL_SPEED script command.
- The rolling speed can be changed by adjusting the Speed value in the animation itself
- An additional death animation when Lara faces the rollingball can be triggered with the CUST_CLASSIC_ROLLINGBALL_DEATH script command. Check the plugin folder for a death animation by SrDanielPonces.
- OCB code 1 enables an additional animation when the boulder hits a wall, check the barrels WAD to see how to set it up

- Plugin
- Source code
- Working rollingball and barrels
- TR1 rollingball sound effect

See the description here.

This plugin brings back two flare effects that were present in TR2 and TR3: sound and bubbles.

The first two flipeffects can assign a sound, whilst the third restores the default silence.
Note that the sound sample assigned must have the L flag in Sounds.txt.

The remaining two flipeffects can enable or disable bubble generation when the flare is underwater.

See the description here.

Made by JMN.
This plugin replaces the TR4 flat inventory with one resembling the classic TR1-3 ring.
More information available in NG Center once installed.

Made by Joey79100 and JMN.
This plugin simply adjusts in-game's camera FOV depending on your screen's resolution, without overwriting flyby's FOV.

This plugin will rework the TR4 aiming to TR3 aiming system!
the flag EnableCamera from "Customize=CUST_TSU_AIMING" need to be enabled to have the TR3 Camera Working!

the difference is:
- Camera lock the target infinitly unless you unpress the ACTION key.
- More angle when firing because of the camera (~170 Degree Max in Left and Right Direction)
- Press LOOK key when firing to set a new target if possible.

- the joint can be transparent (torso front) with a angle more than 90 be carefull (unless you use TR1-TR3 skin) !

This plugin is a complete rewrite of AODfan's Plugin_Chronicles, with many improvements, corrections and new features.
It controls up to 16 searchable objects.

This plugin is a complete rewrite of AODfan's Plugin_TR1, with many improvements, corrections and new features.
It controls four objects:

- TR1 Savegame Crystal
- TR3 Savegame Crystal
- Collapsible Floor
- Spikes

See the description here.

The purpose of this plugin is to introduce the ability to climb sloped ceilings (aka. overhangs) known from Tomb Raider - Angel of Darkness into the TRNG engine. Thanks to this plugin, Lara will be able to climb sloped ceiling sections (marked with monkey tiles) to access vertical climbable walls or horizontal monkey swings.

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