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TRNG Updater
(Released: 16 February 2017)

See the update functions in NG Center and TRNG Patcher.

NG Center updater (CU-6):

- Removed previous fixing about color palette in NGLE program
In previous version there has been an attempt to fix colors after loading color palette in ngle.
Now that fixing has been removed. I believe it was not a bug but rather it was necessary loading only color palette that had colors compatibles with those of ngle program.
I don't know better, but it's not realistic that eidos programmers had not seen that problem, perhaps for them was not a problem since they used right imported color palette.

- Added ocb code for static objects
It has been added the ocb value 8192 (shatter specific)
This code works only with shatterable statics.
When a shatter has 8192 code, it will be destroyed only by moveables set in Customize=CUST_SHATTER_SPECIFIC script command.
See following chapter

- Added new customize constant
It has been added the CUST_SHATTER_SPECIFIC constant.
With this customize you can decide what kind of moveables or ammo, will be able to destroy the shatter with 8192 ocb code.
This add on has been thought to solve the problem about missing "special" SHATTER9 of classic trle. In the past, the SHATTER9 can be destroyed only by KNIGHTS_TEMPLAR and SKELETON (with sword). Anyway in trng releases, from that to change the shatter range in static items, that specific feature of SHATTER9 was vanished.
Now you can restore that special feature with a customize like this in your script:
and adding 8192 ocb to some shatter (the shatter9 for instance).

See CUST_SHATTER_SPECIFIC description in NG_Center's mnemonic constants panel, for more infos

- Fixed bug in Sphinx
In previous versions, the sphinx destroied all statics from SHATTER0, ignoring the setting in CUST_SHATTER_RANGE customize and also the default SHATTER9 limit with the risk to destroy also new static slots (EXTRA) like they were shatters

- Fixed bug in customizing CrossBow ammo
It's not easy forecasting the effect of this bug, anyway there was an error that mixed the trng code to handle crossbow customizing (like for harpoon) and old original code of crossbow ammo management.

- Fixed bug about jittering of Frog Man
When Lara and frogaman were about at same height, underwater, the frogman had a weird jittering.

- Added new ocb values for FrogMan
It has been added a serie of flags for frogman.
Most are about shooting, to disable it or to set max distance to enable shooting.
See in [OCB list] of NG_Center's reference panel the "_NEW FrogMan" item, for more infos.

- About false detection of hitting for FrogMan
In many circustancesm it happened that harpoon (shot by Lara) hits FrogMan, in spite it seems to hit the empty (a bit lower of FrogMan)
This bug is not fixable whereby code but changing the collision box of frogman in many underwater animations.
It is a problem born when I used automatic collision for animation with WadMerger.
The program, taking as bound the extreme positions of any mesh (enclosed the light cone) created many collision boxes where the box (used to detect a collision with harpoon) is very bigger than real frogman body.
In spite this fixing (with wadmerger) is not so complicated, I already performed it for you.
You can download the frogman with fixed collisions here:

- Fixed bug in C84 condition trigger
In previous release, when the enemy (whose check lara's detection) had a west facing (in ngle view), the condition gave many false positive also when lara was back of him.

Note: this bug could have produced bugs also in other situations: the chance to get in kayak and the conditions working with testposition command.

- Improved menu command "Plugins->Info about mounted plugis" of NGLE program
In previous version the command showed only the plugin with .trg file.
In spite that behavior was correct, since only plugins with triggers will be mounted in ngle program, now those infos have been integrated with plugin currently installed in trle folder, specifing two lists: the list of mounted plugins (with triggers) and other list with not mounted plugins but installed in trle folder.

- Restyled input box window in NGLE program
In previous version the window used in ngle to get an input by user (texts or values) was too high.
Now it has been reduced the space for descripton to get the window inside of ngle window when there are input about light values.

- Suggestion about fixing for an old bug in key/puzzle activation.
There was a bug in old trle (and also in trng) occurred in this situation: when lara was using a key/puzzle to activate a trigger, if player saved the game before the trigger activation was completed, at reloading of that savegame, the animation were completed but no trigger activation happened.

Studying the problem I believe that the bug was not in the tomb4 code (and for this reason I didn't any bug fixing in this case) but rather in animations used to use/complete key/puzzle.
Pratically eidos programmers created the flipeffect 6 (named "Activation trigger" in wad merger) own to avoid that problem about saving/reloading in the middle of critical animtions, but then (weirdly) they forgot to set that anim command flipeffect in right frame of critical animations. Indeed the linked procedure seems was not ever called.
For this reason the way to fix this bug it's simply to add, to all animations that using key or completing puzzle, the anim command flipeffect 6 (activation trigger) in next frame that of "Set free hand", or, in the case it was missing (wery weird) in last frame of that animation.

Note: above work around should work, anyway there is the risk of a double activation that, in spite it should not affecting big issues for common object activations, it could have some effect for some trng triggers called twice. You should taking care about this eventuality in projecting phase.

- Fixed bug about bikebeam
In old tomb4 when the bike exploded, the bike beam continued to do light, in spite the bike was vanished.

- Fixed bug in Set Trigger Type window of NGLE program
In past releases there was a bug that could confuse the level builder.

It happened in this situation: the trigger showed a previous condition trigger having an extra parameter...
Since in condition triggers the extra parameters are stored using the five activation buttons ([1][2][3][4][5]), when this condition trigger had some extra parameter the values (checked/unchecked) of activation buttons changed in according with extra parameter and the user should not change manually them.

Above it's usual and normal behavior.
Anyway, the problem occurred when user changed current condition trigger with another condition (or with condition of another engine/plugin) that had NO extra parameter. In this new situation, the activation buttons will be not changed by trigger setting but (and this is the bug), ngle didn't reset the activation buttons of previous condition. As result, if level builder didn't see this situation, he will have a (new) condition trigger with messed activation buttons and in this way the trigger activation (when the condition will be true) will be not immediate, since the activation buttons are used own to have some trigger activation only when all five activation buttons are pushed.

Now I tried to fix above bug in this way: everytime the user changes current condition or current plugin/engine, the activation buttons will be restored to all/pushed status, i.e. "immediate activation"
Anyway there is yet the chance to have this bug in some combination, from/to type/activation mode trigger to another, so take care to verify if activation buttons have the wished status when you change the trigger to one that had: NO argument list for extra argument and it was a condition.

- Fixed bug about execution of old flipeffects
For "old" flipeffect I mean those "historical" flipeffects with number less or even than 46
I discovered a shocking bug!
Probably because of strong restyling of internal management of triggers, born to support plugin features, the management of old timer value (used by old flipeffects) it had been skipped.

Pratically, in all trng releases from upto current (excluded), old flipeffects were executed ignoring the value typed in Timer parameter.
For this reason, in spite this fixing was aimed to solve a bug in Flipeffect 28 (about fog bulb color) probably, it occurred in many other old flipeffect triggers.
I apologize for this embarassing failure.

- Attempt to fix problem in update phase
In previous versions, some users had problems in on-line update operation.
The file downloaded by NG_Center, to perform last update, appeared "empty", or, at least, empty was the folder with extracted files.
Now it has been changed the unzip operation, hoping this mod solved the problem.

TRNG Patcher updater (PU-6):

- Changed target of Home key in Trng Patcher editor
In previous release the Home key moved the caret at top of whole text, while not it will be placed at begin of current line

- Added new commands to "Tools" menu of TrngPatcher program
Now in Tools menu command there are two commands used only for .script file.
When you loaded in text editor a ".script" plugin file, you can use these two new commands to expand all mnemonic constant descriptions or to compatc them, newly.

You can use the menu command: "Tools->Reformat whole .script file->Expand linees (remove > chars)" to have newline characters in the description of any constant description.
In this format it's easier reading the description and editing it.
Then you can (and you have to) compact newly the text, using the menu command: "Tools->Reformat whole .script file->Compact Linees (add > chars)" to have newly the .script file in a compatible format with ng_center program requirements.


* When you expand the .script text, the divisor linees, between a description and the next, will be replaced with "||" pair of characters. You should not remove these linees because they will be used to remember where a description ends and where another starts.

* If you wish adding new constants while you are in expanded format, you should remember to divide one description from previous, using a line with only "||" characters.

* Before saving the .script file remember to compact it newly. Anyway if you forgot this operation, TrngPatcher will remind you about this issue.

* Since the pair of characters "||" (divisor line) and the character ">" (break-line inside constant description) are special formatters, you cann't using them for other targets in your .script file.

- Fixed some description about Preset list
In the "Preset List for Arguments" table of "How to add new Triggers" tutorial, some descriptions in "Range" field have been corrected.
In previous version it was described the Object field like an argument that was able to host values upto 4095.
Really the matter is complex: when you are working on level map (and .prj file) that argument is able to host also values bigger than 4095 but this chance exists only for ngle "object" indices and it will be changed in Output wad operation, where all ngle indices will be converted in tomb4 format, reducing the max value for Object field to 0/1023.
This means that you can host any index about ngle objects in Object field but you cann't host your constant values with numbers bigger than 1023.

- Attempt to fix problem in update phase
In previous versions, some users had problems in on-line update operation.
The file downloaded by trngpatcher, to perform last update, appeared "empty", or, at least, empty was the folder with extracted files.
Now it has been changed the unzip operation, hoping this mod solved the problem.
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