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TRNG Updater
(Released: 28 March 2017)

See the update functions in NG Center and TRNG Patcher.

NG Center updater (CU-7):

- Fixed bug about disabling new sound engine (BASS)
In previous versions (from to when in [Options] section of script there was the command:
to disable bass engine and restore old tomb4 sound management, the game crashed when current audio track restarted for second loop.

- Fixed description of some trng triggers
It has been changed the description of F115, F116 and C81 triggers, replacing the text:
"Cold water room"
with new text:
"Cold room"
This fixing was necessary because, in spite of previous descritpion, that flag worked either with water rooms and dry rooms

- Improved "Set Trigger Type" window in NGLE
Trying to bridge an historical gap about trigger description, it has been added a new informative row to host a remark line about current trigger usage.
More, it may be that for some triggers there was a [Trigger's Help] button, to show an extensive description about current trigger usage.
Note: currently there are only few trng triggers with these extra infos (like A41 and A42) but in the future I'll try to add more infos for complex triggers.

- Added support for MetaTr Cabinets
For MetaTr's users, there is now the chance to export the restyled geometry and textures of your level in a file, the meta cabinet (with extension ".mtcab"), to have a faster and easy importing of meta features, using the common tom->tr4 building with ng_tom2pc.
The advantage is own to can adding/modifing triggers and items in your level, preserving in automatic way the previous meta geometry.
You find the [Create Meta-Tr Cabinet] tool, to build a meta cabinet file, in [Tools3] panel of NG Center program.
Once you launched the tool, you can reading also more detailed instructions about its usage.
Note: in spite this is not main usage, I remind that the cabinet method could word fine also for level builders that don't use metatr program. In this case the advantage will be only to reduce drammatically the building time, since most of geometry and reprocessing texture operations will be skipped.

- About bug on Action Trigger 41 (to activate camera)
The Action41 works but it's necessary understanding its usage.
Read the help file linked with this trigger in Set Trigger Type window when A41 has been selected.

- About bug on TIMER_FIELD trigger
In my tests TIMER_FIELD worked, anyway its usage requires some learning.
It required that the TIMER_FIELD trigger was the first in trigger sequence on that sector.
You discover the position in trigger sequence performing a click (with left mouse button) on 2d floor map in NGLE on the wished square. Going on to click, you'll have all trigger info on that square but there will be a moment that you don't receive any info. This "empty" info is when you completed the sequence and, at next click, you'll see the info about FIRST trigger on that sector. The TIMER_FIELD has to be the first.
Another matter is about the [ONE-SHOT] button...
If the main trigger on that sector (that will be never the TIMER_FIELD trigger but other trigger whose you want change the timer value) has not the [ONE-SHOT] button, no action will be peformed in game until lara stands on that square. Only when she will leave the sector the countdown (or opening) will begin.
If you don't want this behavior and you wish that immediately the trigger was performed, you have to set as [ONE-SHOT] the main trigger (to open a door, for instance)
Note: unfortuntately this kind of trigger is not one of them where I can add a description directly in Set Trigger Type window. So try to keep in mind above speech.

- Improved WindowTitle script command
In previous versions, the WindowTitle command worked only for game's main window but it had no effect on setup window, that went on to show in caption bar "Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation" title.
Now you can change also the name of setup window using the WindowTitle command but you have to follow these two rules:
1) The WindowTitle (to work with setup window) has to be placed in [Title] section
2) The string you use for the new title (for technical reasons) it has to be an extra ng string type. Indeed, if you use a standard string there will be no change in setup window

- Fixed dead links on tr level manager website
From migration to .eu domain, some zip file in demo pages were missing.
Now I have restored the downloads for: - "Lightnings and Binoculars (Sources) (16 MB)" - "Cutscenes and Demos - Binary, playable demo (53 MB)"

TRNG Patcher updater (PU-7):

- Improved Trng Patcher program
Now it's possible resize the window of TrngPatcher using common Windows features

- Changed editor Trng Patcher key command
Now the [END] key will move the caret at end of current line, while in previous release the caret was moved at bottom of whole document.

- Fixed bug in Trng Patcher program
In previous version, the "Tools->Reformat whole .script file" commands, generated an error at bottom of file, closed to final "<END>" line.
Since the compact/expand operations, required to have (at least) an empty row first of final <END> line, multiple conversions got to attach final <END> line inside of last constant description.
Now, to fix this problem, an empty line will be added by trngpatcher when it was missing in the original (compact) .script file, first of final <END> row.

- Added D3D constants and their enumD3D auto enumerators
In previous version had been forgotten the list of D3D_ values, used to find a given light type with Find() function for enumFIND.Light type.

- Added to Get() locator the GET_FLIPMAPS type
Now it's possible getting all infos about flipmaps with the code:
Getting results in:


For more infos, read the comments of the StrFlipMap structure prototype that you find in structures.h source

- Added reference for static index conversion to trng.h source
In previous releases was missing the declaration of FromNgleStaticIndexToTomb4Indices() function in trng.h.
For this reason, in spite the corresponding function was present in trng.cpp source, it was not possible calling that function

- Extended syntax for trigger definition
Now it's possible adding a remark or an help file for some trigger (flipeffects, conditions or actions)
The new extended syntax works in .trg plugin file and it has been described in "Remarks and Documentation for triggers" chapter of "How to add new Triggers" tutorial.

- Updated the "How to add new Triggers" tutorial
It has been added the description about new #REMARK#, #STAR_DOC# and #END_DOC# tags in trigger declaration on .trg plugin file.
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