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Originally Posted by Simpt9509 View Post
i would like to ask, can you fix the bugs in the ECTS and october 5th version of tr3? in their current state they re unplayable, i know you re already busy with this port but maybe you can send me a tutorial on how to mod psx files because i want to learn how to build custom levels for the original psx
What bugs are you referring to? If there's some error in the level files, you'd have to figure out a way to modify those. If there's bugs in the binary of the executable, I'd suggest a disassembler and a lot of patience. I've modded the TR2 PSX binaries once to add support for the wolf and bear enemies, and it took over a month.

As for a tutorial on modifying psx level files, there isn't one. The way I do it is I take the PC levels as a base, modify them with TRMOD (a program I wrote myself), and then convert those to the PS1 using TR3PCPSX (another program I wrote myself, and which I haven't released to the public). As far as I'm aware, no publicly available program exists to modify tr3 psx levels. I haven't added support for them in TRMOD yet, and I don't know if I ever will. So I think that if you want to edit tr3 levels, you're first going to have to write the tools to do it. Like I did.
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