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Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
I'm really obsessed with the song that's playing in the club, Atrium. Does anyone know if it's licensed or an original track? I tried looking up the lyrics but couldn't find anything...
mhhh ehh I thought that song was so clean and safe, especially compared to the gritty industrial tone of the original game. but ehi I'm sure mods will come up with an Isolated Mod as soon as the game comes out

also, I'm fine with no 3rd person. I've always felt the only purpose of that mode in the original was to compensate for the clunkyness of, well ... everything stealth It was more of a FOV slider than anything.
of course I'll miss being able to put the camera above the head a-la MGS, but IMO all a first person game with stealth mechanics needs is a lean button.
Prey did it beautifully.
On-and-off done with Tomb Raider until the next teaser drops.
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