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Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post

which version of the ge do you have? Disc version? GOG version?
Did you upgrade your Windows version or your drivers before the issues began?

There's a few people around the internet talking about similar issues, but there seems to be a fan made patch floating around somewhere that should fix them.
I'm using the disc version, however I do own the Steam and GOG versions as well, but the disc version is my preference. I'm using Windows 10 64-bit. My drivers are all up to date. Cool, what fanmade patch are you talking about? Is this the fanmade patch you're referring to? The 64-bit installer didn't work for me sadly. Still having crashing issues at start-up from the game launcher. It still works though without crashes. It works perfectly one time and the next time, it crashes. It's a basically a game that's bipolar and can't make up it's mind. Here is the link below.

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