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Default Trigger squares et al.

For the upcoming challenge, I'm searching TR4 for squares that trigger things you might want to avoid. But at the same time, I'm searching for skips that require bug use, so I'll label those with "Bug:".

This thread will be of most use to people going for Low Kills, but there are some things for other interests, too.
Edit 3/19/09: Flash grenades are very handy for blinding soldiers, as in City of the Dead. They just stand there rubbing their eyes. I even went to the next level and came back; they were still incapacitated.

A flash grenade used with the LaserSight bug will also remove a skeleton's head, but it seems a waste, when pistols with LaserSight work equally well.

Through KV5, I haven't really found anything astounding for the challenge, but hopefully later - only 29 levels to go!

Angkor Wat

** Bug: I had no trouble running through the left corner of the opening to the area with all the jumps and the 3rd skull.

This skips at least one Werner speech.

Then drop to the lower level, and backflip off the slope by the skull to skip several more speeches. This part is from Ewil's speed run.

** Bug: As the passage opens to an outdoor courtyard (room 3), jump by either corner to avoid spawning a boar.

** You can get all 8 skulls but still take the easier (Virtuous) path. Go near Werner, and after the cutscene, go get the eighth skull. Pointed out on the forum.

Race for the Iris

** Bug: Skip several actions of Werner by bugging up at the start of the monkey swing bridge.

The Tomb of Seth

** The 4-square shallow pit spawns a scorpion if you step into it; jump over to avoid.

** You can find secret #2, but if you step into the next square to get the shotgun shells, 2 red scorpions are activated behind you. If you aren’t after the secrets, release the sand at the right niche in the room above before descending.

** Trip the falling blades without waiting for the guide. The left side gives you more room to do it safely. Well-known.

Burial Chambers

** Bug: See anything odd?

How about now?

Jump by this corner to leave the fires unlit. Not useful.

** Bug: You can skip 2 jackals by bugs on the left face of this corner.

However, it's difficult: find the correct offset, crawl corner bug up, drop down while embedded, and do a turning corner bug. More practical, do a crawl bug from the right face, but you have only 4 seconds before the two jackals show up.

** Use Ewil’s astounding jump and run through the spikes to skip rotating the Octagonal Room both times, getting the Hand of Sirius, and using it to lower a rope. A running jump w/o Action a little right of the near corner of the spikes, and a continuous run through the spikes, costs about 20% of health. See at 1:54.
Unfortunately, the challenge will require all possible pickups, so you may need to rotate the Octagon anyway to get the Hand of Sirius.

** Edit: If you get the Hand of Sirius, it's much faster not to use it! When you're about to jump to the passage to the pull-chain which rotates the Octagon back, instead take a running jump to the block near the exit. Then place Lara at the corner and aim her EXACTLY like this:

Run forward and she will land in the opening with about 12% damage; don't use Action. If the angle is a little off, she may lose her footing a couple of times and fall; but if you're quick, you can save her by rolling.

** Bugs: After the Octagonal Room, get the Scarab Talisman, then jump by the corner at the left turn ahead.

This avoids spawning a pair of jackals in the next room. In that room, jump by either corner at the exit to skip a jackal around the next bend.

But it’s probably faster and easier just to run by all 3, and listen to the disharmonic chorus of howling behind you.

Valley of the Kings

The side passages open when YOU enter a trigger square, not the guide as Stella says. Or perhaps she’s correct on the PS.

** Lara can jump over the pit with secret #3 if she hops back and takes a pair of sidesteps before her run.

** When passing underground again after the bridges area, you can blow up a bad guy. Lag behind so the guide stops near the enemy. In the jeep or on foot, go up the road so that the guide’s jeep throws a grenade and goes around a corner to the right. Proceed uphill next to the right wall at least as far as a flat portion, or further until the baddie just leans around the corner to look at you. After waiting about 8 seconds, a subsequent grenade explodes close enough to the enemy to blow him to pieces.

This was reported by White Rabbit of tombraiderforums on 10/30/08. He also says that grenades harm Lara on the PS, so they probably don’t harm the enemy.


** I’ve seen speedruns where Lara beats the guide to the closing gate. So you don’t have to reach the switch on the wall. I wonder what happens if you go back through the gate to get secrets or pickups.

** Bug: At the entrance to the green dunes, Lara can jump by the left edge (NE) of the opening, and the shooter on the scaffolding around the tower doesn’t spawn. But there are no pickups there, so it’s pointless.

** If you’re going for low kills and speed, head for the center of the 4 green dune rooms and drive around it counterclockwise until you reach the last one with the exit. I beat the guide there, and he pushed me in.

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Great stuff! Also looking forward to the challenge. I just might enter... I've never entered them before. About time I did! (And TR4 is my favourite )

About the grenades: I have played the PS version VERY little, don't own it myself, but I recall that Lara's own grenades also harm her herself. I pretty sure it's just a PC bug that they only hurt enemies, both Lara's and the guide's. I think all grenades are supposed to harm everyone.
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Default Ending KV5 on foot

I discovered how today, but it's sleight of hand. Beat the guide to the green dune area, drive around the central point for a shortcut to the exit, and get out of the jeep a few seconds before the guide drives through the exit. If you position Lara correctly, the guide's jeep pushes you to the end of level! But then the FMV of jumping the jeep onto the ferry plays just fine.

Of course it would be faster just to drive out the exit yourself. But on foot, Lara can jump directly across the wall between the green dune area with the entrance and the one with the exit; it's at the left end. The guide waited for Lara just before the entrance, and I passed him and made it through the entrance first. If the guide also waits while Lara is on foot, it's possible you can do the level without the jeep. More research, but this is all pointless, of course.

BTW, I updated the first post with 4 pics that show the trigger squares, and a method for not using the Hand of Sirius (Burial Chambers).

Edit: IT WORKS!!! I got out of the jeep at the start of the level, ran to the left of the guide's jeep and then in front, and got a free push up the hill. He pulled away, but when I opened the gate, he was waiting at the top of the slope with the 3 rolling spike balls. He waited again before the entrance to the green dunes, and I entered right after, turned left and sprinted to a point where two standing jumps put Lara over the wall. I sprinted for the exit tunnel, stayed somewhat right, and the guide pushed me up the hill to the end of level. I lit a flare near the end, and that helped me stay in front of the jeep.

Just for fun. And to see what's possible.

Perhaps I should mention that I used a shortcut to open the gate: kill the assassin. Go to the right corner by the closed gate. Embed by jumping at a 45-degree angle, and do a turning corner bug while holding Action. Traverse left until Lara is stopped by the platform. Pull up and jump with a twist; release Action during the pull-up. Hold Right as soon as you jump. Lara will steer right in the air so you land on the platform.

Edit2: Stella & TRF walkthroughs say you can't get back out the KV5 gates for secrets if you beat the guide to them, and they close behind you. You can, but it requires an odd bug. Jump between the spiked balls so you are against the gate. Then simply jump straight in the air; as Lara comes down she will suddenly appear on the other side of the gate, and immediately start taking fire from the assassin you left alive.

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G'day and thanks for posting the bugs you both have found.
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Temple of Karnak I

** Bug:
The first scorpion can be bypassed by jumping by the corner at white arrow #1.

** The second scorpion can be skipped by a running jump at arrow #2 above. Here's a close-up:

** Bug: The second scorpion can also be skipped at the south end with a crawl corner bug in the left-hand doorway.

** To get the flares behind the columns in the second courtyard, you must activate scorpion 57 (trigger squares from both directions).

The Great Hypostyle Hall I

** Bug:
At the southeast corner of the first courtyard, a crack bug (just out of frame to the right) allows you access to the small medipack and flares without activating the first scorpion.

But it’s faster and easier just to run around the scorpions if you want to spare them.

** After entering the hole in the wall to the north, you can avoid contact with all 4 scorpions. Stella says there are two at the left of the lower level, but they’re on the right (east). There aren’t any pickups on the lower level, so don’t go near the two. Go straight from the entrance to the peaked mound, stand at its apex and jump up to catch the upper level.

Go north and south for pickups; you can monkey swing, but it’s faster to do standing jumps. Then monkey swing east from the center ledge to the upper area on the right. This triggers the two scorpions below, but don’t worry, they’ll never get near you. Get the two pickups while avoiding the two rows of squares at the east edge of the room (they spawn scorpions nearby). Monkey swing back west, jump to the ledge at the west side of the room, and go north for two pickups. Proceed to the pit and jump over.

** Bug: Skip the cutscene with the cadillac and 3 assassins. Set up to jump by the corner. Face the wall and place Lara’s left foot between having the inside of the heel on the line, or the outside of the foot no more than a half inch to the right of the line.

Turn so the blunt point of the ledge is just short of Lara’s ribs, and do a standing jump with left in the air, to land on the ledge by the pit.

Sacred Lake I

** Trigger bug: The right corner of the two-square opening to the courtyard activates the crocodile and two bats. The bats can be seen as dark lumps, but they remain dormant unless you approach nearer than the last pace on the low step. Academic interest only.

** Trap the croc by going back through the doorway and down to the lower area. He tries to go back through the door, but he usually gets his head stuck in the doorframe (it’s material you can run against that fills half of each square).

** Bug: Avoid crocodile 82 by passing 4 squares (marked #1) by the first opening to the lake, and with a jump-by bug at the start of the ramp to the water.

(The 4 squares of #2 spawn a croc during the second pass through Sacred Lake, but at that time there's no need to come to this particular area.)

Here are the 3 trigger squares by the ramp:

Here's a working offset from the corner:

Turn a bit more than 45 degrees to the right and jump forward.

Temple of Karnak II

** Bug: Jump by the corner at the drop to lake with the sun goddess. It’s best done on the right because of the next item. Two crocodiles stay on break.

After descending to the block at the right entrance to the pool with the sun goddess, force Lara into the corner, then run off it. This misses two trigger squares for the third croc of the lake.

** Bug: The same should work from the left side, but since all squares are on the ground it’s hard to hit the corner exactly.

** Bug: After you drop from the crawlspace, jump by the corner on the right, which avoids the assassin who comes from the room where you lowered the ceremonial bowl.

** Avoid the two assassins in the outer courtyard. Take a standing or running jump to land on the pile of sand to the left of the crawlspace you just exited. Move up to the right corner as far as you can (part of the square has a slope too steep for standing). Turn left to face at the edge above.

Hold Action and jump vertically; on the third jump Lara should catch the edge. This is a good time to get the 3 pickups on these higher squares; you can walk above the trigger square in the lower room without activating the two baddies. Avoid these 2 squares that also trigger the evil twins.

** As you enter the courtyard with the obelisk, jump around the left (east) end of 3 squares that trigger an assassin to the west.

The Great Hypostyle Hall II

** Bug:
After you enter the square doorway to the north, jump or run by the corner to the right to skip the red-and-black assassin who would appear ahead. Continue right (activating two scorpions), then go left to the peaked mound to catch the upper level.

** Use the ledge to go around the corner to the deep pit. This skips two assassins.

** Bug: Jump by the corner at the pit again, or you’ll see the cutscene if you skipped it the first time around. This also avoids spawning an assassin.

** Bug: After using the Hypostyle Key, jump by the right corner to avoid spawning the two assassins.

** Avoid the assassin in the middle room by staying off the pair of squares between the two pillars south of the center entrance, and a third square on the other side of the western pillar.

** Skip the two assassins in the south room by entering and leaving at the eastern passage.

** A convenient path to the wall switch in the south room: enter at the high level of the west passage. This triggers both assassins, but it doesn’t matter. Take an angled jump to the ledge below the switch; you don’t even need to catch.

Pull the switch and leave the same way. The guy on the floor stares intently to the east and never spots you (apparently he can’t hear you, either).

The other is never triggered to monkey swing toward you.

** There’s no need to use the wall switch in the south room! Shoot the ball with the shotgun! Just get far enough away so that when you hold Look and lean back, Lara aims high enough.

Either normal or wideshot ammo works. Here's a closer position that works from atop a block:

** What's that, you must do the switch anyway because you need the pickup on the higher level by the trapdoor? Au contraire! Monkey swing up to the still-lowered trapdoor; as you touch it, Lara usually turns. Simply turn her back to face the trapdoor.

Release Action for a moment and catch the top of the column below!

Pull up and proceed normally.

I was surprised that I had never heard of either of these two simple non-bug shortcuts. So I googled on ["Tomb Raider" Hypostyle shortcut]. In 204 hits, I discovered that Nightpriestess of Katie's Tomb Raider Forum had found the second shotgun position on Jan. 22, 2005.

Oops! tomkat of this forum made a similar shotgun comment last October:
And I commented on it!

Edit 5/02/09: Re-oops! I just saw that the catch below the trapdoor is pointed out in the TRC walkthrough.

In his "Last Revelation Diaries" thread Verdilet comments, "Shouldn’t Lara have at least tried to shoot it from the floor in case that worked just as well?" Yes, "Lara" should have tried!

Sacred Lake II


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Originally Posted by rr_carroll View Post
He tries to go back through the door, but he usually gets his head stuck in the doorframe
Oh my I almost peed my pants reading this So hardcore!

Good job figuring all this out!
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Default Tomb of Semerkhet

Tomb of Semerkhet

** If you wish to skip getting the torch to open the trapdoor near the room with three ropes (it costs a little health and takes a couple of minutes), donít use the torch to keep the beetles away, take it with you when you go on.

** I tried to curve jump from the ledge below the ladder to secret #1 to the senet game spinner, but I couldnít quite make it.

** Bug: After triggering the two jackals in the top room with flame emitters, go to either corner of the ledge, sidestep off the edge as much as you can, then turn a bit more than 45 degrees and run or jump off the edge.

The 3 flame emitters across the room will not turn on and you can reach into the center or left holes at any time; leave the right alone, as now it will turn on the center holeís flame.

** To get secret #2 more quickly, get on the block which lowers to allow you into the room with 6 flame emitters. Stand at the corner near the secret, facing the wall. Step back once. Turn about 20 degrees so youíll miss the corner.

Hop back, and do a running jump while holding action; you donít even need to curve in the air. Lara will catch low on the wall. Climb up and get the secret.

Now you could skip the 6 flame emitters: traverse left around the inside and outside corners. When youíre next to the ledge, climb down until Lara is hanging by her fingertips. Then climb up the minimum amount. Traverse left onto the ledge and pull up. Turn off the burner and go straight to the senet instructions tablet. Unfortunately for challenge players, this would skip a set of shotgun shells behind one of the 6 flame emitters.

** Trigger Bug: After you lower the block to open the way to the 6 flame emitters, you can raise it again by a crawl corner bug into either of the two corners to the right of the three holes, and vertical jumping. You canít lower the block again, so this is only for study purposes.

** In the room above the Ba & Ra Cartouche doors , instead of jumping directly to the ledge with the stairwell, jump to the rope and swing to the ledge. This is good position for the running jump:

This avoids spawning a bat at the takeoff square for the direct jump. To see if your alignment for the jump to the rope is correct, save at the takeoff point and hold Look after you jump. Then adjust your angle if you miss. Or, (bug) do a curve jump to the diagonal ledge below the stairs and crawl-bug up to their level.

** The square at the top of the ladders at the north end of the room also triggers a bat. You can swing from the second rope directly to the pole square, but aiming is difficult. Easier, climb the ladder from the floor (or climb around the corner from the shorter ladder). Donít pull up at the top; instead, release Action for a moment and quickly hold Right so Laraís feet stay off the ladder. Traverse right and pull up onto the pole square.

** In the room with the 3 dangling ropes, after getting secret #5 avoid the rope swing to the path to the torch. Follow the numbers:

1. Jump to the corner next to the pillar.
2. Walk or slide along the dashed line to the other corner of the pillar square.
3. Do a standing jump and catch the platform.

** Jump to either side of the yellow-lined square to avoid 2 bats.

** Trigger Bug: If you win the senet game (or bug past it), you can open the exit from the other path!

Just before the doorway that ends the level, do a special crawl corner bug from either corner: place Laraís foot 6 or 7 inches from the corner, turn considerably more that 45 degrees, and crouch and crawl forward, with an immediate standing. Save your game. Jump vertically, and if you lucky, you hear the door opening!

If youíre at the right-hand corner, hop back immediately, as otherwise the door will close again; enter the doorway with a running jump, since it will start to close as you near it. Unfortunately, usually the End of Level is triggered instead. The door opens around one time in 20.

This allows you to reach secret nos. 4, 5 and 6, but unfortunately youíre stopped at the Ra Cartouche door, unless you can find a way to bug through it (I couldnít).

Here is a series of working positions. Starting offset from the corner:

Crawl into the corner at this angle:

Turn to this angle. Save. Jump one-at-a-time until one of the bugs work.

If end-of-level occurs, hit Escape (PC) and load your save to try again.
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Great job figuring all these out!
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Guardian of Semerkhet


Desert Railroad

** The view is to the rear. After the hatch on the first boxcar, avoid the yellow-outlined area to skip two assassins. Traverse by it; or if you’re feeling brave, a curve jump around either side works.

But for the challenge you need pickups in both cars, and you must spawn the two assassins so they open the hatches; do it on the way back if you wish. In the forward half of the first car, get the two shotgun shell pickups and medipack and then leave, unless you want to kill the assassin in the rear half of the car.

** You can jump to the top of the tarpaulin-covered car! This skips the traverse along the side. Hop back from the end of the boxcar, then angle about 20 degrees and sidestep so that Lara is between these two distances from the edge (both work):

Do a running jump (no Action). Hold Forward as she lands or she’ll slide back.

** Traverse past the second row of squares atop the last car to avoid the assassin who climbs up from the end of the train.

** Bug: In the last car, after you open the door with the crowbar it’s possible to jump into the raised alcove at the near corner and run by the other corner without triggering the assassin in the car.

** After you get the grenade gun inside the boxcar, you can jump and catch the edge even if the hatch is closed. Then pull up through the hatch. If you consider this to be a bug, jump from the rear door to the flatcar, then jump to the climbable wall to the right of the doorway.

** Traverse or curve jump around these 3 squares to skip a pair of assassins. These trigger squares are only active after you’ve been to the rear of the train.

** When you jump from the boxcar to the flatcar ahead, two assassins will jump to the train. So they won't attack together, run off the boxcar and land on the first row of squares. A single assassin comes up on the right. If you merely draw your pistols, he wimps out and drops off the back of the jeep.

Then the second assassin comes up on the left and you can fight him alone.

** Bug: Back in the original car, use the crowbar to get secret #3. Only then release the rest of the train. Now if you re-enter the secret alcove, you hear the music again and your secrets count goes up by one! Heard on this forum.

** Bug: Just for fun, before you finish the level, bug to the roof and enjoy the Shannon Invisible Railroad.

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Originally Posted by rr_carroll View Post
Sacred Lake II

Actually, the monkey bars at the end of Sacred Lake were widely discussed in the TLR No scratch challenge. People were triggering the bats while still on the bars. They could continue climbing or drop down and shoot the bats, but took damage either way. Then they found the solution by not triggering the bats in the first place: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/show...0118#post20118

I also wrote a post about it here (which you read).
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