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Default How do I make the game look unstretched at 1920x1080?

Hey everyone,

Recently I have been really wanting my game is stop looking almost 'stretched' at 1920 x 1080 resolution. My screen fully supports it, but to me it looks stretched, especially when I watched this video and saw that it looks unstretched at a high resolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyhZQX85n-Y

So, I changed my resolution to 1440 x 900 and everything looked great at the menu, but now there's black lines either side of the screen (like when you play PS1 games on the TV) so I was wondering how I could keep the screen at 1920 x 1080 but have it look unstretched like in the video? All replies would be greatly appreciated
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Open settings and in graphics tab there should be "monitor aspect" option. By default it is set to 1.33. Set it to 1.78 to get aspect ratio right for your highest resolution.
You can also type your own value.


1.33 for 4:3
1.6 for 16:10
1.77 for 16:9

You can also try to fiddle with "monitor size" and set it to the size of your monitor. For example 15.00 is for 15 inches as far as I recall.

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I wrote a guide here:


If you don't know Italian you can try with Google translate.

To make it simple, the best result with widescreen monitors is obtained with a value of 1.67 in the aspect ratio box of game settings. When changing this value, always remember to press apply and then ok. Other numbers will corrupt von croy's diary aspect ratio and minor stuff.
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Interesting. Didnt know that about the diary. I indeed had this problem. I will try the aspect ratio you suggest.
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