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Thank you for this thread, Morrigan! I'm gonna report all of the bugs and glitches I've encountered in my playthrough of the Digital Deluxe version on a standard PS4.

First of all, two Jonahs on screen during the second Jaguar fight. Here's some footage I found:

Another bug I found, which is the most concerning one, occurred to me after I waded through a big mud pool in Kuwaq Yaku, near the campsite named Kuwaq Yaku Ruins on your way back to the village. After I waded through it, the screen froze with the message "WAIT FOR STREAMING" and 5 seconds later went back to normal. Some footage at the 2:48 mark and it happens again at the 4:15 mark:

- I have also found some white paint on some wooden platforms in the Trial of the Eagle puzzle even with the Exploration difficulty set to Hard. The paint is discreet like in the Normal difficulty.

- In the Howling Caves challenge tomb, Lara will talk to herself giving hints to the player when the Puzzle difficulty is set to Hard.

- Pop-ups teaching you how to use the grapple axe every single time Lara has to use it as if it's the first time she's using it.

I think that's all I've encountered so far. I hope these get fixed in a new patch.
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Originally Posted by Leon2703 View Post
I have experienced drops in FPS very often.

Platform: regular PS4
SKU: Croft edition.
Does it look good on PS4? Can't wait to play it tomorrow!
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-Croft Edition
-New Zealand

* Objective beacon is completely missing from the game, it hasn’t worked once for me.
I tried setting everything to easy to see if it was because of difficulty only to discover that not only is the objective beacon missing, but on easy mode nothing at all is highlighted.

* Extreme frame rate drops in Paititi as well as textures popping in and out frequently.

* Audio is out of sync while talking to NPC’s as well as missing background noises.

* As you progress through the game, Lara becomes less and less textured until all the other characters, especially Jonah are way more graphically detailed than Lara. Graphics are extremely inconsistent

* In certain Tombs Lara will still give hints even though difficulty is on hard

* Health is extremely low in combat even with difficulty on normal (only takes a couple bullets to kill Lara)

* All the animations are too fast and appear to be missing frames

* “Wait for streaming” messages pop up regularly in larger areas
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Originally Posted by FanosCroft View Post
Does it look good on PS4? Can't wait to play it tomorrow!
Yes, it does. I was not expecting it to look this good tbqh.

The only issue I have is that her hair looks a bit weird we you see it against her skin/clothes... I don’t know how to explain it.
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I’ve noticed, mud and dirt only gets on Lara’s clothes during set moments. Lara can wade and roll through mud, but her clothes doesn’t get dirty at all. Her hair doesnt seem to get wet either
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I believe this is not the only forum that you guys, girls are checking but if this is >

I know we are minority here and truthly said, everywhere so I understand very well that this is not on top of your priority list but I kindly ask that you finish, fix SBS & NVIDIA 3D Vision support when you have fixed all other more higher priority problems

More information below:



Big thanks to you all that in year 2018 you still support 3D in the greatest game franchise in history !!

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If you're having texture issues on PC try disabling DX12 mode, it works flawlessly for me now.
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Originally Posted by maximum_123 View Post
If you're having texture issues on PC try disabling DX12 mode, it works flawlessly for me now.
Without DX12 my PC goes to 0 fps and then 40-50fps again. Disabling Motion Blur is very helpful though.
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PS4 Pro.
Croft Edition Physical Disc.

* Went to aim at a rope and the camera did not zoom in, so the crosshair was through Lara herself.
Didn't even do anything special.. it just happened

As awesome as this looked - it would effect gunfights -I killed Lara and the bug went away thankfully.

* I also experienced cutscene bugs.
One was the double Jonah as shown above when Lara is attacked by a jaguar.

2nd glitch was where she is talking to Jonah shortly after the Jaguar fight, sat by the campfire.
When the scene ends and the camera pans upto the sky - in the top left, there was a bird which appears to stand on thin air.. I guess it was meant to be on a branch or something?
Nothing major of course, but it was noticeable.
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So no fix for the black screen yet >< ? Preorder the game, play it later than release date, if ever.
I thought they would already have a patch out.

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