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Does anyone know what happened to the RetroArch core for OpenLara? I cant download it anymore. Can someone tell me how to get it or send me a link please?
EDIT: Never mind, I found the core. Its here if anyone else wants it:

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Hi there

How do you set up Tomb Raider on macOS Big Sur through OpenLara?

If I understand right, the game files must be dragged in "Show Package" then "Resources" after downloading OpenLara_osx but, where can I find these files, as the Tomb Raider (II, III, IV) that I have are from a PS1 CD?

Thank you for your kind help!
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Another quick thing I added to the OpenLara code. "Freelook" mapped to the right stick:

I thought I was being super clever and this was the first time any classic TR game had free camera controls mapped to the right stick, but apparently later TR games like TR4 and TR5 support it too. Still, it's neat to see in TR1.
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except in tr4 and 5 it wasn't smooth, i.e it didnt follow the analog's movement so it would directly make her look to the except right/left/up/down.

Woudl be nice if we had a smooth look around
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Hello, I've been playing OpenLara in the browser version with my PS4 Dualshock 4 controller. It worked fine.
I downloaded the standalone version on my laptop and controller doesn't work. Anything I could do to make it work?
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Originally Posted by FluffyQuack View Post
I've been working on some minor modifications of OpenLara in preparation for a co-op playthrough I wanted to do of TR1.

Lara with braid:

1P and 2P using different models (Xevengar's Jill mod used for 2P here):
Is it available to download?
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Craig Michaels
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I've played through all of Peru, and it's great to revisit, but I'm having trouble adjusting to some of the movement differences like

- Lara seems to pop down a fraction before jumping from any ledge
- Lara can't shimmy from 1-click to 0-click spaces, which makes secrets like the one above the waterfall in Lost Valley harder to get.
- Lara seems to respond just a bit more slowly than in the original game, giving the impression that she's sliding slightly. This makes movements, especially jumps, that I know by heart something I have to be very careful with.

I'm curious if there's any plans to continue working on Lara's movement to get it closer to the original? I'm very impressed with everything that's been done already!
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I quite enjoyed working out those new movement requirements for certain places, like the waterfall in the Lost Valley.

You start thinking this is broken but there is a solution which means its not, it is just slightly harder to do initially because of the differences.

But some of those differences make other tasks far easier. The St. Francis Folly slide down towards the croc 'sewer' secret area jump has always been questionable in the original.

Because of the camera you cannot see there is a entrance opposite the bottom of the slide let alone understand the criteria required to get to it.

Why can't it be done with a forward jump and grab? Looks like it should have been possible but it is not. Why does it have to be so precise a type of backflip position? This never made sense to me especially when in the PS version missing it means you're doomed to repeat the whole of the start area.

This fixed that silliness, you can now do a jump and grab there. You still need to be going down forwards and get the timing right.
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They say: "you can't have your cake and eat it too".

Such incompatibilities mean that some original levels become broken. And I don't think that making original levels easier than they were supposed to be is necessarily a good thing either.

Speaking from practical POV, though. I don't think that any existing engine was successful with regard to compatibility. Even worse: they created incompatibilities between them all.
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Most of the new movement solutions don't make it easier and I agree that making things easier is not, and should not be, the motivation. But that slide secret in St. Francis did benefit from the changes in a good way IMHO.

The easing of the difficulty in specific cases didn't usually bother me but the general easing of the gun-play did. The enemies in the original(s) were tougher ie. took more shots to kill I'm certain of that.

The Atlanteans are still not easy though, just easier.

I just wish something could have been done about Pierre DuPont because he has always been a right pain anyway. But here if you go back anywhere, in The Cistern in particular, he'll often magically reappear when you hit the trigger point again.
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