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If it goes back to Warner Bros and MGM had already committed to Misha's screenplay then it could all go back to the way things were and hopefully with Alicia still attached and approving of any screenplay changes.

Theoretically the whole crisis could be diverted and they can just pick up were they left off, rewrite it for a lower budget and iron out the problems that Alicia had and bring it to the screen.

It's interesting to me that GK Films needs and wants a quick sale and hopefully still has the two year production date claused into the contract allowing a swift production schedule and Alicia still being able to slip back into the part.

Either way hopefully within the next few months we know who the new owner of the franchise is and we see a quick development process of a new film.
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Sad to this happen, but I hope a studio gets the hands on the IP and gets things going fast. I also hope we see Alicis come back since I believe she can give a performance of who Lara should really be
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