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New Dwight
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Originally Posted by SarahPilko View Post

After seeing so many posts about classic Tomb Raider remakes, I was inspired to create an artwork for one of my favourite areas. I made the beginning of India level (TR3).

Click on the images to see them in a bigger size.

Simply stunning!
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Originally Posted by Melonie Tomb Raider View Post
Imagine trying to find keys and artifacts in that foliage?! I want to explore it all!
Oh my God, I know right lol can't imagine the challenge... Or the frustration? Depends what kind of player you are

Originally Posted by Lyle Croft View Post
It looks wonderful!!!!

I made some photoshop edits (not surprising from me)

I did some facial tweaking and then made her hip area and thighs/calves bigger. And legs longer I thought she looked a little bit off. Feel free to try to morph into that if you like those changes


(Click to enlarge)
Thank you, I appreciate the feedback! I am not working on her for now, but when I do, I will do these changes. I love the thicc thighs. However, before this model edit, I did have her hips wider and a friend said that she looked too disproportionate so I changed it The facial details I am not sure, because FMV Lara's eyes are like really far away from her nose, and when I did it, from front view it looked kinda silly :P My Lara's torso may look a little longer than FMV because her torso is kinda short, but also her belt is really thick.

Edit: I based some of her features from the in-game model too, like her torso height / belt size I also based the her shorts colour from there too.


I also did Claudio from Great Wall :P (unfinished though however).


Originally Posted by Nausinous View Post
Your Lara looks incredibly close to the FMV Lara but with human proportions, I don't suppose you'd show a straight on profile of the model aswell as a side and back view? I'd love to recreate this model in Blender.

Do you mean the original FMV Lara model? I found the model by atlantib on Deviantart and extracted from XNALara.

I have uploaded the OBJ and MAX files - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d2X...ew?usp=sharing

Originally Posted by New Dwight View Post
Simply stunning!
Share more!
Thank you!

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I know I'm late af but I love this! Seeing my first TR level come to life is something. Every detail was captured perfectly.
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