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Default How to apply textures in meta

This is a tutorial on how to apply textures in meta, which can be used with
the fake uv method of texturing.

Step 1:
In Meta you have the objects panel and materials panel. if you haven't already
you can moved them to the right hand side and they will lock in place
on top you'll have the objects, bottom will be materials

Step 2:
You want to import you object. you can simply just insert by clicking
the insert tab located in file.

one inserted you can isolate the particular mesh by deleting unnecessary faces. as my example i use my hip and leg meshes. i've deleted the holsters the belt and the boots.

Step 3:
in the material panel click on new and you'll have a new material. double click on the new material this will take you to the material properties.
in the section that says mapping you'll notice texture, alpha, bump, and the reference buttons. we're only going to focus on the texture part.

by clicking on the reference button it'll prompt to load your textures,(that can be any texture you want.) since i'm texturing pants i'm going to locate my pants textures.
*point* it's good to have all your textures in a place where you can easily find them.

Step 4:
now you have your object, textures now it's time to apply them.
go to the select tab and click set materials to face. now your mesh is textured with the material. but it doesn't look like what you want it to.
well we can fix that.

on the left hand side you'll find a lot of buttons. find UV and click on it.

this will bring up the UV screen.

in the uv screen you'll notice a tool box pop open look for atlas ad click it.
this will separate your mesh in to section.

Step 5:
with your mesh in to sections it's now time to start combining them.
to combine just simply click on a section and start matching up the pieces.

back in that pop up tool you see a button that says unify. this will allow you join sections together.
*point* you want to join points that will combine to make one point.
so make sure the points match. you can do that by simply clicking the select button.

this should be done carefully and with patience. if rushed you can easily get frustrated.

Step 6:
the finish model should look somewhat like the shape. of the texture
now all that is left is the grueling process of cutting and texturing.

in the uv screen make sure you turn off the object you can do that by just clicking the obejct button. youalso want to click on the eye next to the object this will get rid of the lines over the textures.

now just print the screen and pasted in photoshop.

now back in the window turn on the object line by clicking the eye next to the object. click on the line and you should have it with the points on it.

print screen

that and paste over the texture you just pasted in photoshop.

now by simple following this tutorial
http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=101760 you should have a finely textured object in no time.

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