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Originally Posted by Kirishima View Post
It is possible, but not likely to happen. Troye/Woops has stated many times this is only an exe modification, and those will likely require editing the level files directly to import animations for what you asked.
Alright, thanks for explanation. It's a pity because the crawl-out move is quite useful, I wish they had implemented it as soon as TR3.
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Dunno if this is related to tomb4 or just my computer being wank, but...

I've just played up to Cleopatra's Palaces and the track "061_In_The_Pyramid_Part_i.wav" won't play. All audio just cuts off when the track is triggered. I've tried replacing the audio file with a disc rip but it still won't work. Anyone know how to fix this?
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About the bars customisation, i've noticed that, when using PS and TRC style bars, the enemy bar and the health bar merge together, which is also the case with the sprint and air bars. Also, when using PS bars layout, all the bars merge or overlap a little.

Also, is it possible to implement a feature in the future to display all the bars (health, air and stamina) all the time?
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What’s your resolution?
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