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Default Reholster pistols

I have limited ammo pistols

is there any way to reholster the pistols automaticlly when the ammo runs out

THANKS in advance for any help

i don't require reloading i have ammo for pistol as pickup

all the other weapons automaticlly holster except pistols if i have no ammo lara must run away

also can someone instruct me on how to post in the proper place for trng

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Welcome to this forum, cyberplayer!

Are you using plugins? Then see this Flipeffect in my Plugin#3:

F608:Lara. (Weapons) (E) Enable/disable reloading weapon in <&> way

Plus a little fix to that manually (when she stands in a way to shoot that shoots only with one pistol, so the ammo will be different in the two weapons):

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I think there is a flipeffect for "disarm lara" which makes her holster whatever weapons she's holding. So you could do a globaltrigger that triggers when she is Holding Pistols+Pressing Action+Has 0 Pistol Ammo
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I misunderstood your question, follow justin's advice.

About posting:
- Please do not edit your question if someone has already answered. Instead answer in a new post.
- It is fine to ask in a new thread like this. However you can also ask in tha Open TRNG thread, just like others.
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