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Originally Posted by AkyV View Post
You are right, you need to export plugin triggers from NGLE, and then you can place them in TriggerGroup script commands in TombIDE, and then you place triggers for TriggerGroups (eg. F118) down in Tomb Editor to execute the triggers in that TriggerGroup.

For the other thing:
Plugin triggers exported are longer than classic TRNG triggers exported.
I mean, you can see that plugin triggers are starting with the numbers of 01, 02, 03 etc. which classic TRNG triggers can't have.
You need a Plugin script command for that plugin installed in TombIDE. Check the ID in the Plugin command. Eg. if that ID is 1, then that number in your plugin trigger must be 01, not 02, not 03 etc.

(I could tell more about it, but perhaps that would be too much to a newbie. )
Your message has saved my life!

When I was trying to implement Akya's plugins on my level, they wouldn't work at all, and I wouldn't understand why. I have done everything right, from creating the appropriate trigger using normal NGLE, to exporting to TombIDE, etc. Turns out that this was the particular issue that was preventing them from working. I was already suspecting that it had to do with the plugin script commands, but it never ocurred to me that I had to match the plugin script command IDs with the starting numbers of the triggers themselves, depending of where they came.
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You are welcome.
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