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Cool WADTools source

Mesa back!

I managed to regain the source code for most of my prehistoric tools (WADMerger, FloorEdit, TR2WAD and even some AOD editing tools). Unfortunately I do not have the tools anymore to do anything with it, as these tools were created with Visual Basic 6 which is ancient history nowadays. Maybe someone knows what to do with it, so here is the code: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ape6u40yhavmakZa...S--P0?e=RSDVm5

Disclaimer: I don't know whether this is the latest version and neither know whether it's the complete code. Also I was only 14 when I made some of these tools, so the quality of the code may not be very high, but you probably knew that already from the many crashes you have had over the past years
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Thank you! I will take a look.
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Thank you for doing that!
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I was only 14 when I made some of these tools
Wow. You're kind of a prodigy.
Check trsearch\Tools for some of my programs
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Thank you so much
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Originally Posted by Michiel View Post
Also I was only 14 when I made some of these tools..

I remember when you use to chat with Turbo Pascal in that secret chat of come.to/tr6 back in early 2002-2003
Sometimes I was there and didn't understand almost nothing, but I could learn lot of things from you both.
Indeed all a prodigy, hacking the file format and handling the graphics routines at the same time!
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