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Default Any trainer or something to unlock the classic outfits from the start?

So I just got Rise on my PC and I was wondering if there are any trainers or cheats that allow me to use the classic skins in the main story from the start??? I know they are there when you complete the game, but I wanted to be able to play with them in my first playthrought on this PC. And also because I prefer the main game, I'm not a big fan of chapter replay because you can't see the documents/relics anymore and some cutscenes are cut midway through.

any help would be much appreciated.
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Not a trainer, but a savefile.
The game starts in the siberian wilderness, but the collectibles/challenges are untouched in Syria.
All skills, outfits (unused ones too), weapons are available from the moment the game loads in. Enjoy.


(Honestly, that thread should be a sticky)
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