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Default install Tomb Raider III easily on Linux


I just finish to wrote a Lutris script to install easily Tomb Raider III on Linux:

First install Lutris:

then go to the Tomb Raider III Lutris page:

and click "install" at this script name:

- Wine GOG + DgVoodoo2 version

I will try to maintain this script, so you can send me questions or report issue to my github Lutris scripts page:

A big thanks to this forum without I could not realise this script.
Playing Tomb Raider on Linux Ubuntu
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Tomb Raider
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You star x
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That's awesome!!!

It is possible to use the Peixoto Patch in this linux installation?
I ask that because I'm doing an HD Remaster for TR3 using this mod, and I have a lot of issues with Windows 10. If I could work enterily on Linux it would be a blast!
Tomb Raider III Remaster Project Director
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Hello Giovanni, I saw your work, very nice!
When I began writing Lutris scripts for Gog version of Tomb Raider I II III, I investigated all possibilities to obtain the best of this 3 games on Linux and take care of this point:
- stability
- features
- compatibility
Unfortunately, during my tests, Peixoto Patch never worked on Linux/Wine.
But it's not so important, today on Linux you can play the three (and more) opus on modern computer, widescreen and even with some new features.
To my point of view, soon all this patchs and other tweaks, very useful today, will be replaced by an open source project, OpenLara.
This project is becoming very functional, I tested it recently, It soon will be the best way to play Tomb Raider (1 to 6) on every platform, Windows, Linux etc...
And this project will support mods, why not begin to adapt your HD mod for it?
From my side I continue to write Lutris scripts, next step: Tomb Raider 4-5-6. Then I will begin to write Lutris scripts for OpenLara. And perhaps one day I will be pleased to use your HD mod in one of my script.
Playing Tomb Raider on Linux Ubuntu

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