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Default Exporting objects from a TRLE Wad with texturing to Blender for conversion to OBJ

This short tutorial outlines the workflow how to export a model from a TRLE (Tomb Raider Level Editor) Wad with textures to Blender for the purpose of converting it to OBJ file format (or any other 3D file format of your liking) so it can be loaded into Tomb Editor as imported geometry.

Tools needed:

Metasequioa 4 (registered version, free lets you save models only in MQO format)


Blender 2.79b
MQO plugin for Blender: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=CE4C74...4C74EDA2A73245 - you need the last one: mqo_script_268 (youtube tutorial how to install Addons in Blender)

  • make a new wad with only the model you want to convert to OBJ
  • open the wad in editwad and export the model to MQO (see the documentation that comes with the programm for a step-by-step guide)
  • open the wad in TextureAdd, select in the menu bar Edit > Texture Pieces > Export All (you need all the textures as individual images, not as texture page) and save them to the same folder where you saved the MQO file
  • start Blender and select in the menu bar on top File > Import > Metasequoia (.mqo) and import your model
  • Now you don't need to do anything else besides exporting as OBJ, which you do by selecting File > Export > Wavefront (.obj).

Now you can import your model into Tomb Editor with following settings: change scale from 1.0000 to 100.0000 and untick invert z -axis:

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