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Nigel Cassidy
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Happy Independence Day weirdos!
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HD Simplicityy
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Wooo happy birthday america!

Not that other nations have contributed to the world, and to life, but America has done a lot of good... and yes some bad stuff too. Land of Opportunity, Freedom, the New World all those centuries ago, blessed by God (in my opinion), but definitely not without its stains.
We live in a story
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Sir Launcelot
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Originally Posted by lance6439 View Post
I usually forget about dumb "holidays" like these until the entire work place is bombarded with confederate flag flaunting, smelly, dirty, hillbillies with their mustard stained MAGA hats who just create chaos.
Mmmm, you have hillbillies waving the confederate flag on the Fourth of July in Florida? That's vaguely treasonous...
Fancy dropping down for a chat, then?
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Happy 4th of July!! Thankful for all of our American veterans who fought for our freedom.
We're gonna eat lots of food later. Hopefully the rain doesn't ruin the fireworks again like last year!
Don't waste your time, or time will waste you.
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Tomb Raider
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Happy 4th, last year's was awful as mom was in the hospital. But hoping this year's 4th will be ok.
Wholesome Queen
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Greatest TR
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Originally Posted by Catapharact View Post
Guys, be nice.

If you are an American, consider the fact that you can voice your disdain for the Holiday because of the fact that a lot of individuals fought and gave their lives for your right to do so.

As for those who are not Americans, one way or another, America has been a huge force of change for the world. If you don't like the Trump Administration, that is fine. However, this day isn't a celebration for the Administration but a recognition of individuals of a Nation that has done a lot of good in this world. For their sake, please be nice to Americans today.

To my American friends; A very happy Fourth of July .
Well said, exactly. The anti trump haters needs to grow up.

Happy 4th July to Americans fellows. What a great way to celebrate along with Trump supporters who really believe in America. Those are the real brave people who stands up what they believe for their country and not afraid what haters call them.

Happy 4th July is definitely feels like is worth to celebrate under President of Trump because of positive atmosphere to it.

All the best from United Kingdom
Rest in Peace - rr_carroll
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