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Originally Posted by Ms.LaraCroft View Post
X-Men Legends series. The first one is so great, best X-Men game period.

If it ever actually happened, I'd be wowed.
I was just coming on to write this myself. They really are the most authentic X-Men video games ever, you could clearly tell the team behind it had a real love for the X-Men and wanted to make an amazing game that would do them justice.

I'd love to see another one, or even a quick remaster of the first two for PSX.

The new Marvel Ultimate Alliance (spin-off of XML) comes out this year but it's only on Nintendo Switch so nobody gives a ****. I'm kind of over that series anyway, I'm tired of the X-Men getting shafted in everything and all the focus being on The Avengers. I don't dislike the Avengers, but I'm an X-Men fan and I want better for them.
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Since Prince of Persia was mentioned so many times, I'll just say: Gothic.
Honestly, it was the best cRPG game I have ever played before I was introduced to the Witcher universe. I'd even go as far as to say Gothic was the early 2000s equivalent of the Witcher. It's a not-so-known in western Europe franchise created by Piranha Bytes (known now for rather mediocre Risen games). Originally it was going to be a similar game to The Elder Scrolls or Ultima, but with the possibility of playing it in multiplayer mode.
Over time they had to cut more and more elements from the game. Multiplayer was dropped, size of the world reduced significantly. What was left though was a very neatly made, content packed sandbox-alike world with a very unique storyline and intriguing gameplay, where Player's early choices would later determine faction and even class of the playable character.

The game had 2 very good titles that exceled at giving a vast and picturesque environment full of quests and valuable treasures. With limited technology they managed to create a living world where every NPC has its own routines. The story, while mostly focused on the main quest chain, wasn't entirely linear and there were still many side quests to do in the meantime. The third game was a bit worse, as it featured far bigger environment while giving far less impressive storyline. Still, the first three games were incredibly good.

Then there were problems between the developer and publisher, which resulted in Piranha Bytes dropping the franchise and changing publisher. JoWood on the other hand published a rather bad add-on to the third game (which collided with the game's lore and aesthetics) and then an utterly disgusting fourth game (Gothic 4: Arcania) that was a linear, plain laughing stock. And that was a sad end to otherwise very good franchise.
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1. Silent Hill
2. Banjo Kazooie
3. No One Lives Forever
4. Half Life
5. Star Fox

Does the Evil Within count? There most likely won't be a third game...

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1. Half life.
2. Silent hill.
3. Syphon Filter
4. Nocturne/BloodRayne
5. Medal of Honor.
6. Conflict series (Desert Storm/Vietnam/Global Terror.)
7. Brothers in Arms.
9. Driver
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Silent Hill

Metal Gear Solid come on Konami you are clearly not going to do anything worthwhile with Metal Gear Solid so give it back to Kojima so that we can have great Metal Gear Solid games again.

Dead Space this is what Dead Space 4 could have been

Classic Tomb Raider


Saints Row

Dino Crisis


Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

Classic Red Faction

Classic Max Payne


Star Trek Voyager Elite Force I loved the first game but never played the second due to it being PC only and very hard to find on store shelves.

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Originally Posted by DragonSlayer View Post
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning
YES! How did I forget this! I believe there is some hope for this one as the rights were acquired by THQ Nordic.
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Originally Posted by Quebsenuef View Post
Classic TR - No hand holding, no talking Lara, no on screen help, no sound effects telling me things, no color changing environments so I can figure out what to do, no slow motion traps. I want a ruthless TR platformer again.
I recommend Sekiro - Yes it's technically a mechanically very simple soulslike, but it actually also manages to be the closest thing to a classic TR experience I can remember ever since...AoD? I mean, the game requires you to press an additional button after jumping towards a ledge in order to grab. And yes you can fail jumps if your angle is bad/you jump too early or too late. The game does have on-screen popup tutorials, but once you're done with them in the prologue, you're completely on your own from there on out.
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At the moment I can come up with these:

* Mass Effect
* The Longest Journey
* Gabriel Knight

Of course I wouldn't say no to a more classic Tomb Raider installment, either.
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Mass Effect is like my favourite "thing" ever and I'm more than happy for it to stay dead.
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