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Idk. I have a guess if we were talking about specific tombs only, but in terms of actual sections? Probably Cenote or the Trials.
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Melonie Tomb Raider
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San Juan was amazing, definitely my fav
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Riverbed, the level where you have no weapons and you can troll one Trinity squad after another.
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The prologue until you reach the jungle
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definitely riverbed (i love how lara is alone + she only has a knife + it's nighttime and the jungle looks gorgeous with that lighting + the music and atmosphere are brilliantly brought to life).
and cozumel was a joy to play the first two-three times but now i find it way too scripted and while i can still appreciate the world-building and feeling of it all it's not really that much fun to play anymore.

i think what veigafd said is true: it's sad there's so many forced walking segments in the game because when you are free to move/play with no restrictions is when shadow truly shines. this game can be so much fun and it feels like such a genuine tr experience.
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Riverbed + Porvenir
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Hard to choose... but I would say Cenote and San Juan catacombs. + All the tombs!
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Cozumel, Peruvian Jungle, Eagle's Trial, (No! Not Paititi), Cenote, Rescuing Unuratu, Porvenir, San Juan, finale. Basically whole game plus tombs minus paititi and kuwaq yaku.
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San Juan is the only good part of the game. It's a shame it was cut so short as it had so much potential.
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PaiTiti. I loVeD the OUtfIts!
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